Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Nose-blowing Could Raise Risk Of Stroke

Stroke, sex and blowing your nose could raise the risk of a type of stroke, said researchers in the Netherlands.

The study on 250 stroke patients identified eight risk factors linked to bleeding the brain, BBC News reported. They included drinking a cup of coffee, which carried the highest risk, exercising, having sex, nose-blowing, straining to defecate, drinking cola and being startled or angry.

They all increased blood pressure, which could result in blood vessels bursting, said the research published in the journal Stroke. The study was led by Dr Monique Vlak, a neurologist.

Stroke is the fourth-most common cause of death, as well as the greatest cause of disability.

Bleeding can happen when a weakened blood vessel, known as a brain aneurysm, bursts.

Researchers found that coffee was responsible for more than one in 10 burst brain aneurysms in the patients they studied.

The Stroke Association said more research was needed to see if the triggers caused the ruptures, BBC News reported.

BBC News 

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