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All nature is but art, unknown to thee; All chance, direction, which thou canst not see; All discord, harmony not understood; All partial evil, universal good; And spite of pride, in erring reasons spite, One truth is clear, Whatever is, is right. - Alexander Pope

Apprentice yourself to nature. Not a day will pass without her opening a new and wondrous world of experience to learn from and enjoy. - Richard W. Langer 

As long as I retain my feeling and my passion for Nature, I can partly soften or subdue my other passions and resist or endure those of others. - Lord Bryon

Come forth into the light of things, let Nature be your teacher. - William Wordsworth  

Everything we eat and use comes from this Earth, and so does the water that we drink or wash in or use for many other purposes. All these things that Nature provides enable us to survive and be happy and peaceful. Nature gives and gives, all the time. - Unknown

He who regards all things as one is a companion of Nature. - Chuang Tzu

Human subtlety will never devise an invention more beautiful, more simple or more direct than does Nature, because in her inventions, nothing is lacking and nothing is superfluous. - Leonardo Davinci

I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order. - John Burroughs

If not ignored, nature will cultivate in the gardener a sense of well-being and peace. The gardener may find deeper meaning in life by paying attention to the parables of the garden. Nature teaches quiet lessons to the gardener who chooses to live within the paradigm of the garden. - Norman H. Hansen

In nature there are neither rewards nor punishments – there are consequences. Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. - Unknown

It is almost impossible systematically to constitute a natural moral law. Nature has no principles. She furnishes us with no reason to believe that human life is to be respected. Nature, in her indifference, makes no distinction between good and evil. - Anatole France

Let us permit nature to have her way. She understands her business better than we do. - Michel De Montaigne

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. - Albert Einstein

Nature arms each man with some faculty which enables him to do easily some feat impossible to any other. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Nature cannot be tricked or cheated. She will give up to you the object of your struggles only after you have paid her price. - Napoleon Hill

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished. - Lao Tzu

Nature is not mute, it is Man that is deaf. - Terence McKenna

Nature has made us frivolous to console us for our miseries. - Unknown

Nature has painted for us, day after day, pictures of infinite beauty. - Unknown

Nature herself has never attempted to effect great changes rapidly. - Quintilian

Nature is a labyrinth in which the very haste you move with will make you lose your way. - Francis Bacon

Nature is a mutable cloud which is always and never the same. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Nature is always hinting at us. It hints over and over again. And suddenly we take the hint. - Robert Frost

Nature is not human hearted. - Lao Tzu

Nature is party to all our deals and decisions, and she has a longer memory, and a sterner sense of justice than we do. - Wendell Berry

Nature is the most thrifty thing in the world; she never wastes anything; she undergoes change, but theres no annihilationthe essence remains. - Thomas Binney

Nature knows no indecencies; man invents them. - Mark Twain

Nature never did betray the heart that loved her. - William Wordsworth

Nature reacts not only to physical disease, but also to moral weakness; when the danger increases; she gives us greater courage. - Johann Von Goethe

Nature teaches more than she preaches. There are no sermons in stones. It is easier to get a spark out of a stone than a moral. - John Burroughs

Renew your inner energy and refresh your soul by simply taking a few moments each day to reflect upon the beauty and perfection of Nature’s creation. - Unknown

To explain all nature is too difficult a task for any one man or even for any one age. ‘Tis much better to do a little with certainty, and leave the rest for others that come after you, than to explain all things. - Sir Isaac Newton

Whoever has not learned to let Nature have her way is not fit for a gardener, or, for that matter, for a contented soul. - Unknown

With nature's help, humankind can set into creation all that is necessary and life sustaining. - Hildegard Von Bingen

You cannot hold back a good laugh any more than you can the tide. Both are forces of nature. - William Rotsler

You don’t have to be a scientist to learn from Nature’s marvellous creation; you only need to stop long enough to observe and let Nature reveal it’s wonders to you. - Unknown

You only need to stop long enough to observe and let Nature reveal it’s wonders to you. - Unknown

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