Thursday, 21 March 2013

Limits / Limitations

A man’s got to know his limitations. - Harry Callahan 

Do not limit yourself just because people will not accept the fact that you can do something else. Do what you want to do, when you can. - Unknown

Do what you can to help people but have the wisdom to accept your limits. - Bryant McGill

Every man takes the limits of his field of vision for the limits of the world. - Arthur Schopenhauer

Free yourself from the limitations others have placed on you and your world will transform. - Unknown 

It is not that there is no limitation to what we can do; but it is just that we have not the slightest idea where or what our limitations are! - Unknown

Limits, like fears, are often just an illusion. - Michael Jordan

Of course we all have our limits, but how can you possibly find your boundaries unless you explore as far and as wide as you possibly can? I would rather fail in an attempt at something new and uncharted than safely succeed in a repeat of something I have done. - A. E. Hotchner

Stop thinking in terms of limitations and start thinking in terms of possibilities. - Unknown

The limit is not in the sky, the limit is in the mind. - Unknown

The only real limitation on your abilities is the level of your desires. If you want it badly enough, there are no limits on what you can achieve. - Brian Tracy

The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible. - Anthony D'Angelo

There are no limitations to the mind except those we acknowledge. - Napoleon Hill

There are no limits on our future if we do not put limits on our people. - Unknown

When a man has put a limit on what he will do, he has put a limit on what he can do. - Charles M. Schwab

You have powers you never dreamed of. You can do things you never thought you could do. There are no limitations in what you can do except the limitations of your own mind. - Darwin Kingsley

Your only limitation is the only one you set up in your own mind. - Napoleon Hill

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