Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy New Year!

A few more hours and 2009 will be gone - forever. We don't notice the passing of each day much, but when the days of the year are spent, we wonder how they could have gone by so quickly without our noticing it. 

I always experience very mixed feelings at this time of the year. I feel sad, and regret the passing of another year. Yet I am excited about what the coming year may bring. 

I hope you had a good year. And may next year be even better!

Wishing you a Happy, and Healthy New Year!



Sue said...

I feel the same way, Vincent, a bit melancholy and basically hopeful.
I hope you have a great new year, and that 2010 brings you everything you hope for, everything you want, and everything you need... :)

T'ai Shen Do said...

Hello Vincent:

I would also like to wish you and all those dear to you a very Happy New year. Thank you also for a very enriching blog.

Best wishes!