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More on Meditation…

Meditation is an asset towards the realization of the sixth sense. To put it very simply meditation calms down our five senses to enable the surfacing of the sixth sense. It is of instrumental value. It must be reminded however that meditation is not as simple as it seems and that it is part and parcel of a complex system, necessary for realization of the sixth sense.

Meditation is a state in which the brain ‘takes a rest’ from all thoughts and emotions, and focuses on one idea or object. Some meditative states lead the person’s brain to alpha waves, a state in which the brain functions at a different speed and at a higher sensitivity of absorption than in its regular waking state. In addition to its significant contribution to the health of the body and mind and to crating a healthy and tranquil life, meditation is known to release tension, dispel, negative emotions, increase creativity, and improve the ability to concentrate and focus; it also contributes to spiritual openness to a very great extent.

Meditation can strengthen the aura in a number of ways. 
First of all, by getting the person into a state of calmness, meditation exerts a positive effect on the nervous system, muscle tone, blood pressure and circulation, and organ function. When the body becomes stronger and the action of its organs becomes balanced, the aura of the body and the flow in the meridians become stronger, affecting, of course, all the layers of the aura. This is the primary and most basic action of meditation.

In addition, meditation is one of the most excellent tools for development, spiritual growth, filling up with energy, strengthening and cleansing the aura, receiving messages, and developing spiritual abilities such as the ability to sense and see auras.

There are a large variety of methods of meditation that are suitable for different purposes, ranging from calming the body to channelling and receiving messages from divine beings. Basically, most of the forms of meditation include conscious breathing (concentrating on breathing, and different breathing techniques), relaxing the body, or activating it in a particular and conscious way, intellectual calmness, and focusing and cantering on what is being done until the mind has been emptied of all emotions and thoughts (in some forms of meditation).

There are methods that concentrate on meditating with certain mantras, and on focusing on the organs of the body or the chakras; there are forms of dynamic meditation in which there is movement; there is meditation to sounds, hypnotic meditation, and numerous other forms of meditation. The vast majority of the various forms of meditation strengthen the body’s electro-magnetic field significantly.

Because personality structure varies from person to person, a form of meditation that suits one person is liable to be completely unsuitable for another. This is why each person must carefully check which form of meditation is suitable for him, and not insist too much upon a form that is unsuitable for his personality structure at a given time.

Furthermore, it is important to pay attention to the place in which the meditation takes place. It should be remembered that during meditation, the person’s sensitivity to reception is very high. If a person meditates in a place in which there were previously low or negative energies of any kind (and they may still be present there), those energies are liable to penetrate his electro-magnetic field and harm it, especially if he is not experienced and skilled at meditating.

The duration of the meditation is something that must be taken into account, and the person must know the limits of his abilities. When a person who is just beginning to meditate exceeds the boundaries of his meditative abilities, it is similar to a beginner athlete who runs a distance that exhausts his body and his muscles. For this reason, it is important to start meditating for short periods – five to ten minutes – and gradually increase the length of time.

Meditation should take place in a physically and energetically clean and pleasant room. It is a good idea to decide upon a fixed place in the home for performing meditation, since the place will gradually absorb the meditative energies that are transmitted in it, and the vibrations there will help the person enter a meditative state more quickly and easily.

Incense, an essential oil burner or crystals can be placed in the room.

- Author Unknown 

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