Tuesday, 15 December 2009

The Meditation Posture

In preparing for meditation, the environment should be one that is in harmony with the inner self. It is difficult to generalize in this area, since each one’s sense of harmony differs in some respect. Some like quiet. Some like warmth. Some like natural surroundings, and some like an assemblage of accoutrements to help them reach the meditative state.

The posture should be one that frees the body from any particular restrictive positioning of arms or legs. We recommend that feet be flat on the floor, uncrossed, and that hands lie loosely in the lap, palms down. If a person does not feel at ease in this position, he should not hesitate to alter these suggestions to suit his own preferences.

Even though we speak of man’s duality, of his spiritual and physical sides, we should never lose sight of the fact that he is but ONE person. There is little we do in life that does not involve both the spiritual and physical selves. When we sit to meditate, the level of our meditation depends a lot upon our physical comfort at the time. If there is any irritant at all in the physical environment, our meditations is affected. A person is more apt to enjoy spiritual communion with the inner self when physical health is up to par. And a person is more apt to enjoy physical health when the spirits are high and the inner-self is pleased with its accomplishments. In practical application, it is best that you constantly think of yourself as a whole person, with physical and spiritual needs interdependent.

When both environment and physical condition are in harmony with your inner self, you are in a position most conducive to success in meditation exercises.

- Author Unknown 


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