Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Will eating salty food result in a puffy face in the morning?

This is possible but unlikely to happen for a healthy person.

Fluid retention occurs when water accumulates in the body which can happen when one eats a lot of salty food or drinks too much water.

After having a salty meal, the higher sodium level causes the body to hold back more water in an effort to bring the sodium and water ration back to proper balance, said Dr Daphne Ang, a consultant in gastroenterology at the Changi General Hospital.

However, for most normal individuals, excessive salt or water should not result in fluid retention in the face because healthy kidneys have the ability to expel the excess salt and water consumed over the short term, said Dr Kelvin Thia, a consultant from the department of gastroenterology and hepatology a the Singapore General Hospital.

People with kidney, heart or liver problems may have more fluid retention issues around the face and, more commonly, around the ankles.

Most of the time, such swelling should go away.

However, if it persists or keeps happening despite avoiding aggravating factors such as high salt consumption, see a doctor, said Dr Ang.

- April Chong 

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