Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Mystical Attainment

Mystical attainment is an individual accomplishment. Others influence our way of approaching life, but the development of the inner self must be undertaken in solitude. It is by retreating within, facing the real self, and relying on his own resources that the way to mastery of life is achieved. - Unknown

The task, and joy, of a mystic is to listen for the stirrings of the sacred in the world and the presence of soul. What the mystic seeks to hear is not a message or even a sound. It is something more subtle and less glamorous. The hearing of a mystic is not really auditory at all but more a deeply focused yet widely extended attentiveness. - Anon

The divine light residing in each of us awaits recognition and use. Its light will illuminate our mystical endeavours and trigger deeper insights into our daily affairs. - Anon

Once we have seriously embarked upon the mystical path, we begin to look upon the conditions in the world from the higher point of view. - Anon

Reaching the zenith of one mystic mountain of attainment, we find the base of another still nobler and higher to climb. - Anon

The teacher, however great, can never give his knowledge to the pupils …although …he can kindle the light if the oil is in the lamp. - Hazrat Inayat Khan

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