Thursday, 9 February 2012

Quote Worthy

An autobiography is only to be trusted when it reveals something disgraceful. A man who gives a good account of himself is probably lying, since any life when viewed from the inside is simply a series of defeats. - George Orwell

Unless you are prepared yourself to profit by your chance, the opportunity will only make you ridiculous. A great occasion is valuable to you in proportion as you have educated yourself to make use of it. - Orison Swett Marden

It is trial that proves one thing weak and another strong. A house built on the sand is in fair weather just as good as if built on a rock. A cobweb is as good as the mightiest cable when there is no strain upon it. - Henry Ward Beecher

Times of general calamity and confusion have ever been productive of the greatest minds. The purest ore is produced from the hottest furnace, and the brightest thunderbolt is elicited from the darkest storm. - Charles Colton 

We are prone to magnify weaknesses and to imagine vices in others that do not exist. We chew the cud of slander with satisfaction. Talk about battles yet to be fought! Backbiting and evil speaking head the list! - David McKay

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