Wednesday, 3 July 2013


When we are mindful, deeply in touch with the present moment, our understanding of what is going on deepens, and we begin to be filled with acceptance, joy, peace and love. - Thich Nhat Hanh

Yes, I am a Spiritual being. But I am also a human being. Sometimes I get frustrated, annoyed, angry or sad, but this is all part of my lessons, and my journey always leads me back to the light! - Unknown

Thus shall ye think of all this fleeting world: a star at dawn, a bubble in a stream; a flash of lightening in a summer cloud, a flickering lamp, a phantom, and a dream. - The Buddha

To offer no resistance to life is to be in a state of grace, ease, and lightness. This state is then no longer dependent upon things being in a certain way, good or bad. - Eckhart Tolle

The art of meditation is the art of listening with your total being. If one can learn how to listen rightly, one has learned the deepest secret of meditation. -  Osho

When we are in tune or in sync with the flow of life, whatever we focus on with passion, the Universe will conspire to bring into our lives. - Allison Sara

In your silence, when there are no words, no language, nobody else is present, you are getting in tune with existence. - Osho

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