Monday, 5 August 2013

A Couple Of Jokes

A Dinner Invitation

A rather snotty bachelor failed to acknowledge a dinner invitation, and when he met his would-be hostess on the street several days later, he remarked: “If I’m not mistaken, didn’t you ask me for dinner last Monday?”

“Of course,” said the woman. “Weren’t you there?”

More Room

“Our files are so crowded,” said the chief clerk to the head of the department, “that we’re going to have to destroy any papers more than five years old.”

“Good thinking,” said the boss, “but be sure to make copies of everything you’re going to destroy.”


A holier-than-thou type went into a book store and ordered two Bibles. “One is for me,” he explained to the clerk, “and the other is for the office bookie. I am trying to reform him.”

“I hope you succeed,” said the clerk.

“Me too,” said the  man. “The other guys bet me five to three I can’t.”

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