Sunday, 16 September 2012


A good example is a better legacy for children than wealth or honour. - Charles Simmons

A good example is the best sermon. - English Proverb

A person always doing his or her best becomes a natural leader, just by example. - Joe DiMaggio

An ounce of example is better than a ton of precept. - English Precept

Authority and example lead the world. - Arthur Schopenhauer

Be a pattern to others, and all will go well: for as a whole city is affected by the promiscuous passions of great men, so it is likewise reformed by their moderation. - Cicero

Example has more followers than reason. - Christian Nestell Bovee

Example is far more than precept. It is instruction in action. - Samuel Smiles

Example is one of the most potent instructors, though it teaches without a tongue; it is the practical school of mankind, working by action, which is always more forcible than words. Precept may point us the way, but it is silent, continuous example, conveyed to us by habits, and living with us in fact, that carries us along. - Samuel Smiles

Example is the softest and least invidious way of commanding. - Pliny

Example moves more than homily, though it be less clamorous. - Eliza Cook

Example, whether it be good or bad, has a powerful influence. - George Washington

For example is a language far more eloquent than words: it is instruction in action. - Samuel Smiles

From the loving example of one family a whole State may become loving, and from its courtesies, courteous; while from the ambition and perverseness of the one man the whole State may be thrown into rebellious disorder. Such is the nature of influence. - Confucius

He that gives good precepts, and follows them by a bad example, is like a foolish man who should take great pains to kindle a fire, and when it is kindled, throw cold water upon it to quench it. - T. Seeker

If a man cannot leave such property to his friends as he may wish, he can at least leave a good example. - Seneca

Learn from the example of others what may be to your own advantage. - Terence

Much more profitable and gracious is doctrine by example than by rule. - E. Spenser

No precepts are sufficiently able to enforce what our example tends to destroy. - Norman MacDonald

No reproof or denunciation is as potent as the silent influence of a good example. - Hosea Ballou

Nothing is so contagious as example; never was there any considerable good or ill done, that did not produce it’s like. - Rochefoucauld

People never improve unless they look to some standard or example higher and better than themselves. - Tryon Edwards

Precept is instruction written in the sand; the tide flows over it and the record is gone; example is graven on the rock, and the lesson is not soon lost. - William Ellery Channing

Rules and discourses are dead pictures, but a good example is virtue itself, alive and in motion: we may say a good example is virtue personified. - Mox

The first great gift we can bestow on others is a good example. - Charles Morell

There are bad examples which are worse than crimes; and more states have perished from the violation of morality than from the violation of law. - Montesquieu

There is a transcendent power in example; we reform others unconsciously when we walk uprightly. - Madame Swetchine

They who set an example make a highway. Others follow the example, because it is easier to travel on a highway than over untrodden grounds. - Horace Mann

We ought to give good examples to our children, because if they see no uncomeliness, they shall be forced to follow goodness and virtue. - Xenophon

What the world wants is good examples, not so much advice; advice may be wrong, but examples prove themselves. - H. W. Shaw

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