Sunday, 6 January 2008

A smile

The following was extracted from an article by Chris R Warnken

            Everybody knows the meaning of a smile. It is a pleased or amused expression of the face, characterized by a raising up of the corners of the mouth.
            Under certain emotional circumstances a human being will smile involuntarily. Indeed, there are times when a concerted effort must be made to suppress a smile. At other times, a definite and specific effort must be made to form a smile upon the countenance.
            People smile for many reasons. Perhaps in admiration. Perhaps we smile in appreciation. Sometimes we smile in encouragement. Sometimes we smile of patience.
            When we are subjected to the valley of shadows, as each of us inevitable must be, when all of our best efforts seem to fail, when our trusted friends fail us; when every impulse within us moves us to cry out in anger and protest, when it is so difficult to refrain from weeping, the supreme test is to force a smile. Then, a smile means ‘this, too, will pass away.’ It means that we have faith and confidence in ourselves, and we realize that each of us must experience both the pleasant and unpleasant, and that we should not add our burden to that of others. It is not easy! But it can be done. Each smile of strength is a great step forward on our path of life.
            The epitome of all smiles is the smile of love. It is the most revealing; it is the easiest if sincere, it is the most needed smile in the world. It is the most disarming weapon in the world. Few can resist a genuine smile of love.
            The smile of love is complex, for it embodies the mechanics of all smiles: admiration, appreciation, encouragement, patience, and strength. It is finished off with a distinctive glow that makes it unique and unmistakable. Whether it is directed outward singularly or collectively, it is all-powerful.

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight. - Phyllis Diller

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