Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Quote Worthy

Being decisive does not mean you have to be rash in making decisions. It means having the courage to act on an issue that may go wrong, but on which indecision may result in severe damage to the organization.  - Unknown

It is to him who masters our minds by the force of truth, not to those who enslave men by violence; it is to him who understands the universe, not to those who disfigure it, that we owe our reverence. - Voltaire

You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience which you must stop and look fear in the face … You must do the thing you think you cannot do. - Eleanor Roosevelt

The wise are instructed by reason, average minds by experience, the stupid by necessity and the brute by instinct. - Marcus Tullius Cicero

No amount of guilt can change the past and no amount of worrying can change the future. - Umar Ibn al-Khattab

You will get there when you are meant to get there. So relax, breathe and be patient. - Unknown

The essence of nostalgia is an awareness that what has been will never be again. - Unknown

Always find time for the things that make you feel happy to be alive. - Unknown

If you would persuade, speak of interest, not reason. - Benjamin Franklin

If you believe that discrimination exists, it will. - Anthony D'Angelo

Never miss a chance to keep your mouth shut. - Robert Newton Peck

When you wallow with pigs, expect to get dirty. - Unknown

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