Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Quote Worthy

We can talk about team or committee, but it is often the efforts of one or two people that keep things going. Then, when the project is completed successfully, everyone declares, “It is team work!” - Unknown

Few men during their lifetime comes anywhere near exhausting the resources dwelling within them. There are deep wells of strength that are never used. - Richard E. Byrd

Youve achieved success in your field when you dont know whether what youre doing is work or play. - James Beatty 

Fame is a vapour, popularity an accident, riches take wings, only character endures. - Unknown

It takes a lot of things to prove you are smart, but only one thing to prove you are ignorant. - Unknown

What we say is important . . . for in most cases the mouth speaks what the heart is full of. - Jim Beggs

The essential conditions of everything you do must be choice, love, passion. - Nadia Borlanger

Just because something is tradition does not make it right. - Unknown

Credentials on the wall do not make you a better person. - Unknown

Sometimes the fool who rushes in gets the job done. - Al Bernstein 

Let him that would move the world, first move himself. - Socrates

The same fence that shuts others out shuts you in. - Bill Copeland

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