Saturday, 2 January 2016

Quote Worthy

The wise will admire you. The wishful will envy you. The weak will hate you. This is the reality for those who dare to be epic. - Steve Maraboli

I'm not even going to get mad anymore. I'm just going to learn to expect the lowest out of the people I thought the highest of. - Unknown

We should therefore claim, in the name of tolerance, the right not to tolerate the intolerant. - Karl Popper

Sometimes what you learn while you’re waiting is more valuable than what you’re waiting for. - Unknown

Whatever you believe about yourself on the inside is what you will manifest on the outside. - Unknown

Truth is still truth, even if no one believes it. A lie is still a lie, even if everyone believes it. - Unknown

Virtue practiced to be seen is not real virtue; vice which fears to be seen is real vice. - Chinese Proverb

To have a right to do a thing is not at all the same as to be right in doing it. - G.K. Chesterton

Try not to become a person of success, but rather a person of value. - Albert Einstein

Enjoy yourself, it's later than you think. - Chinese proverb

You cannot lose what you never had. - Chinese Proverb

Wise souls speak loudly in silence. - Unknown

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