Thursday, 18 May 2017


Even though you have ten thousand fields, you can eat but one measure of rice a day. - Chinese Proverb

Until lions have their historians, tales of the hunt shall always glorify the hunter. - African proverb

The price of your hat is not always the measure of your brain. - African American Proverb

May you live as long as you want and never want as long as you live. - Irish Blessing

If you neglect the pot, it boils over and extinguishes the fire. - Nigerian Proverb

The afternoon knows what the morning never expected. - Swedish Proverb

Even the strongest blizzards start with a single snowflake. - Sara Raasch

Talkin' 'bout fire doesn't boil the pot. - African American Proverb

The person with burnt fingers asks for tongs. - Samoan Proverb

He that fears not future may enjoy the present. - Thomas Fuller

The older the fiddler, the sweeter the tune. - English Proverb

The continuous drip polishes the stone. - Peruvian Proverb

Better late than never, but never late is better. - Unknown

Anything with scales counts as a fish. - Malay Proverb

No man fears what he has seen grow. - African Proverb

Take it straight from the horse's mouth. - Francis Iles

A little bait catches a large fish. - John Taylor Wood

Hasty climbers have sudden falls. - Robert Greene

The blind see what they want to see. - Dan Brown

Anything cracked will shatter at a touch. - Ovid

A grudge is a heavy thing to carry. - Unknown

The belly rules the mind. - Spanish Proverb

A false tale often betrays itself. - Aesop

Time discovers truth. - Lucius Seneca

Strike while the iron is hot. - Chaucer

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