Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Choice - Quotes

A choice is the root of all morality. Without choice, one can have no moral code. In a vacuum bereft of alternatives, there can be no values. And without values, there can be no reason for a code of ethics. What gives our lives meaning is which alternatives we choose. If we have no options, if we can take but one path, we are by definition slaves. - Dave Galanter

Managing the power of choice, with all its creative and spiritual implications, is the essence of the human experience. All spiritual teachings are directed toward inspiring us to recognize that the power to make choices is the dynamic that converts our spirits into matter, our words into flesh. Choice is the process of creation itself. - Caroline M. Myss

Now I must live with the consequences of the choice I made. And I will not call it the wrong choice. That would be foolish and pointless. That choice led me to everything that has happened since, including this very moment, and the choices I make today or tomorrow or next week will lead me to the next and next present moments in my life. It is all a journey ... I have come to understand that that is what life is all about – journey and the courage and energy always to take the next step and the next without judgement about what was right and what was wrong. - Mary Balogh

We're not hurtling down a pre-determined path towards a foregone conclusion. We people, all of us, we make thousands of decisions a day, little ones, tiny ones... You take all those choices times all the people in the world... and you have to conclude the future's not set. It can't be. And that's the best part about being alive: it's always new, it's always surprising! - Joe Dubois

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