Wednesday, 28 October 2009

The Inner Self

The greatness of man lies not in his intellect, but in his ability to comprehend and express the Inner Self in all his affairs. Man is a divine being, created in the image of God, who possesses tremendous creative powers which he must develop and attain through inner growth and service to others.

We should give more freedom to the expression of this self within and to train the outer self to give greater credence to what the Inner Self inspires while at the same time break down the general superiority complex of the outer self with its false belief in the integrity and dependability of worldly impressions and worldly reasoning.

It is through the guidance of this Inner Self and through its dependable messages, its inspiring impulses, and its whisperings of warning that we are able to guide our lives correctly, meeting the problems of life with a superior power of understanding, overcoming the obstacles with a never-failing solution, and attaining the goal of our desires through a correct leadership.

The inner evolution takes place when we study and contemplate, thereby making the knowledge we acquire a part of the Inner Self. We learn to master the events and circumstances of life. However, it is only when we listen to the wisdom of the Inner Self, and gradually become aware of the beauty and divinity of this Inner Self, that we can truly say we are expressing the Consciousness of God.

The aim of our studies and progress on the Path is to provide a vehicle for the expression of God’s consciousness so that we may truly become living images of God. By turning our thoughts inward to the wise silence of the soul, we come to realize the wisdom and powers of accomplishment of the Inner Self, and how the Divine Consciousness of God is seeking to express itself in our lives.

Our task is to listen within and allow the inspiration of the Inner Self to guide and instruct us. Thus, we will grow and evolve to a point where this becomes a reality to our consciousness.

Quiet reflection upon the inner self and spiritual nature of our being is far from being a casual occupation; it is imperative to one on the Path and will in time produce most remarkable results. The wise silence of the mystical life results in an understanding of life and its purpose far beyond our present understanding, and it brings a power of service needed in the world today. Study is an important part of our work in the mystical life, but contemplation and meditation synthesize this knowledge, making it more productive in all our daily affairs. We must live life more deeply and sense a kind of passion to give the best we can in everything we do.

Our dominant thoughts and our constantly visualized ideals and wishes make us what we are. They have fashioned us even in the smallest details. By our creative and wilful decisions we can change those things we do not like into more desirable tendencies. We can be the master of our life. By looking inward and listening to the whisperings of self, we come to express our greatest powers of accomplishment that God has given us.

The mystical life is a great adventure. How many of us, in looking back over the years of study and reflection, can fail to realize that the mystical path is the most demanding, most fulfilling, and the most exciting experience that life and consciousness can provide? It is not an escape from responsibility as some may suppose, but an adventure that requires courage and conviction, that tests and tries our greatest resolve. This is why so few have trod this path with us.

We may often ask ourselves if the journey into the higher and finer things of life is really worthwhile. It is in moments like these that the wise counsel of the Inner Self comes to urge us to continue on the road to life’s greatest attainments.

Before coming to know and experience the higher spiritual life, we must over come the tears of wounded pride, underserved abuse, harsh criticisms, and unfriendly statements; the irritations, annoyances, failures, and disappointments of daily life. With the help and guidance of the Inner Self, we can rise above these negative conditions. We cannot ignore them; they are a part of life. Yet when we learn to see all things from a wise detachment, from an inner depth, we learn not to allow our sight to be obscured by these hindrances. We must learn to see and understand all things from the spiritual self’s point of view; from an ascension of consciousness. One thing that will aid this inner sight is to cultivate an attitude of loving compassion towards others, and a sense of humility about ourselves.

A daily attunement with the Inner Self and the harmonizing of the spiritual nature of our beings will prove a real preparation for our service to humility.

- Author Unknown 


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