Tuesday, 27 October 2009

What Good Can We Do?

Life is a complex experience of triumph and trials bringing opportunities for the growth of our personality. Life, which can be difficult and hard to bear, also provides moments of great joy and happiness, and at times we experience a peace of mind that makes our search for the greater light even more valued each day. 

Let our problems become stepping stones to progress and our difficulties will become the next step on the upward path to the attainment of greater peace and harmony. Each day should provide those experiences which, upon reflection, cause the inner self to become a little wiser and better able to adjust to life’s problems.

Our problems, difficulties, and burdens in life are more easily borne when we realize and accept that the divine presence of God is ever present within us. We are living souls having personalities which need to grow in light and understanding through the trials and experiences of daily life. We then see our burdens as opportunities for advancement, but we need not face these problems alone. The ever-present and vital divine consciousness is always urging us to adjust to the present times and circumstances , and it is when we resist these normal and natural changes taking place within that frustration and difficulties occur. When we seek within, allowing the inner self to guide us through the promptings of the still small voice within, we can see and accept things from a wiser point of view.

No matter how hard the task, or difficult the trial, know within yourself that there is an ever-present spiritual force leading you through and upwards to success and achievement.

One important cosmic law is “As you give, so shall you receive.” It is important that we learn to give of ourselves and we must follow the urging and prompting of the inner self in order to fulfil this law.

We so often forget to give to others that which needs to be given and which is due to them. This may be a word of thanks, of praise and appreciation, or telling someone close that you love them. Do not deny what is rightly due to others; give freely of yourself, but let the giving come sincerely from within. Do not withhold your words of praise or your words of rebuke, for these may be precisely what others need to help them on their way through life.

Let your motives be pure when giving of yourself, since this is how we are judged on the inner side of life. This law says it is AS we give that is of prime importance, for we will receive in accordance with the way we give, as much as with what we give.

However, giving is only a part of this law. We should also give much thought to the principle of receiving. Esoterically, it is important that we learn how to receive what is rightfully due to ourselves. We can so often retard our own happiness and progress because we have not learned how to receive graciously. We cannot always be giving unless we are also prepared to receive. The love, the praise, and the happiness others want to share with us is necessary to our growth.

There are many things both of a material nature and a spiritual nature that we have earned and deserve, but we must allow ourselves to become receptive to accepting them in our lives. Therefore, this law of giving and receiving requires much thought and meditation in order that we may give wisely and fully of our real selves and gracefully receive what is rightfully ours, thus bringing a greater abundance of success and prosperity to us as well as much love and happiness. We learn many important lessons from life once we have come to truly realize that “As we give, so shall we receive.”

- By Robert E Daniels, F.R.C. 

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