Friday, 9 October 2009

Reincarnation and Timelessness

Question: If the Cosmic is timeless, how can we have past and future incarnations?

The reason we undergo incarnations – as individual personalities – is to learn various lessons, lessons which we must learn in order to become more aware of the existence of natural or cosmic law as it relates to the Universal Mind. In other words, we must realize both on the objective and subjective levels that which exists in the cosmos and which is directed by the Universal Consciousness.

Once we have gone through transition, all of those experiences and impressions which have been important to us become past incarnations. They are consigned to the Complete Memory, which in reality is our soul personality. Any additional information from subsequent incarnations, of course, is added through this same process. This continuing process of incarnation and transition is referred to as development, or soul personality development. Therefore, we are the sum total of all our past experiences.

Future incarnations, on the other hand, are those experiences which come about because of previous causes which we, as individual personalities, are responsible for. We must accept these effects and learn the lessons derived from them. This will then provide an environment which will produce additional experiences necessary for a gradual and continuing understanding of the Universal Consciousness. In this way, incarnation after incarnation, we become more perfect in likeness to this Universal Consciousness, eventually becoming totally perfect. 

It is important that both past and future incarnations are realize in the now. That is, all experiences are realized as they happen in the present. Whether we say future incarnations are brought about by past causes, or they become past incarnations simply because they are a part of memory, does not in any way change the fact that they existed and we become aware of them at that instant we call the now.

In the cosmic sense there is no time, since the Cosmic is infinite, with no beginning or end. There are no limitations in the universal world. In a word, it is timeless. However, unlike the universal world, the objective world of man is limited. That is, certain limitations are placed upon it. Since man’s objective, reasoning mind is finite, he cannot conceive of the infinity of the Universal Mind. Therefore, objectively he cannot conceive of any notion of what is ‘timeless,’ for man’s earthly mind can only conceive a beginning and end in all things, and not the non-beginning or non-ending of the universe. Since man is the only animal creation with the ability to objectify his realities, he then is responsible for the conditions he classifies as past or future.

Since the outer man, the objective man, is limited in his ability to reason because of the restrictions placed upon the five senses, he invents something to account for his inability to reason. He invents time and space arbitrarily to take the place of his inability just as he arbitrarily chooses twelve inches as a measure for one foot of distance, there being no measure regarding infinity.

- Author Unknown 

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