Thursday, 29 October 2009

Life’s Ideal

The world we live in is one of increasing complexity. Whereas in past times our struggles were for basic survival, for existence in the tumult of battles and political upheavals which punctuate the history of man’s evolution, the greatest challenge of today is to find our true selves and to keep our eyes on the guiding light of life’s true purpose in the face of stifling materialism.

To know one’s purpose in life is to be the possessor of knowledge beyond value. So many of life’s travellers see life as an accident, to be spent with no thought at all, while others, prompted by the untranslated urgings of the imprisoned self within, search restlessly in many directions, falling prey to the many distractions of our modern way of life. Those who have spent many years in the pursuit of possessions and social position often reached an end to their materialistic goals only of find their lives empty of happiness. Which direction can they go to assuage that inner gnawing? Unfortunately, because of attitudes gained through the search for possessions, such persons often seek the quick and easy ways, or follow the latest fading fad. If they but realized that this lifetime may be only the first conscious step in their search, a quest unlimited by time and space!

In realizing the pitfalls before us, and following an inner plan for living, we have an invaluable guide, but in no way are we immune from the demands and challenges of life. Indeed, in setting an ever-expanding standard for our lives, we face challenges and tests unlike other people who have not consciously accepted the responsibility of their own evolution.

Along with growing inner awareness comes deepening sensitivity to life’s myriad expressions. This requires inner seeking through meditation for that infinite pool of strength and balance of idealism and practicality to prevent deep emotional upsets. We must be strong to cope with the stresses and demands of this world, but strength in the mystical sense of the word does not mean aggression, the type which berates others of gentler character and falsely assumes superiority. The strength based upon the faith of inner conviction and attunement is a passive strength, often mistaken for weakness by those who rank strength with aggressive and forceful behaviour. There is no weakness in serenity, and indeed, no need for forceful displays in the lives of those who have achieved such a balance of their physical and psychic selves. Their strength is a quiet river, running deep and ready for use in times of need.

Cosmic Education 
As we see the pattern of our lives emerging, we realize what goals we have set ourselves. When we measure the distance between our present self-expression and our aspirations, we may be overwhelmed. But it is a considerable achievement to know when we have not measured up to that ideal, to recognize the mistake and strive to compensate in our actions and thoughts at the next opportunity. And there will be another, for the cosmic educational system never fails its students – it simply introduces the lessons at another time.

The pressures of our material-oriented world continually seek to distract us from our mystical ideals. Mystics may feel they live in two worlds at once, particularly if they work in a business environment where the values are generally measured by material standards, mainly money, and where interaction between people seems to be at an all time low. In such situations, when all the precious, long-evolved, and painfully won mystical values seem to be totally absent, and no recognition of the deep soul-link between all people exists, we need to call on the quiet inner strength. The sentiment world is a mirror, and image distortions can make life extremely confusing. 

Daily attunement, or seeking within, is vital to help us to keep our balance, so that our mystic quest may be a constant, continuing one, functioning fully every breathing moment. Requesting inwardly to remain positive in all our thoughts and actions, and remembering that no matter how unpleasant a situation we may find ourselves in, we have attracted that situation as a cross for inner unfoldment, and our path through life can never again be undertaken in shadows. We traverse the thorns to reach the bloom of rose’s beauty.

It has been our great privilege to be guided onto our present path, so that the contact with others of like mind, can make the journey through life a little easier as the peaks and valleys of life’s pattern are not quite so extreme. Each of us must make full use of his guidance, to prepare for the day when our journey to the mountaintop is undertaken. Quiet strength, calm serenity, and an all-pervading love will infuse us as we near the peak of our ultimate ideal.

- By Raynor Millen 

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