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One of the first the thing to realize is that reincarnation is a law of the universe and not a religious doctrine; neither is it solely an Eastern Doctrine.

Reincarnation is the cycle of birth and rebirth of the soul personality. It is in a sense, the process of purification of the ego part of man’s consciousness, transforming that ego into the essence of God’s consciousness. That is, by the experience of life, the ego is changed into the pure thoughts of the consciousness of God. The process of transmutation takes place here on earth, because it is here on the lower level of awareness that the ego is closely attuned. By associating with this environment and by passing through a series of experiences, the ego begins to change, gradually attaining the state of awareness we know as God Consciousness.

The Real Life 

The purpose of the development is to enable the soul personality to reach a state whereby it can exist harmoniously in the cosmic realms with all levels of the consciousness of the Creator. The earth life is a school of preparation for that life.

Although we can only overcome our individual karma on earth and learn life’s adjustments here, we do pass through many experiences on the cosmic plane which help us to realize our shortcomings and the egocentric problems which impede our progress.

Life on earth is a wonderful opportunity. It is here that we can truly help those other seeking souls to find the way to more highly developed consciousness. Once that desire is kindled, all the steps to help the one who is seeking the greater light are to be found here. That is why we must aid one another to find the path by spreading the knowledge at every opportunity. Life can change so dramatically for the searching soul who finds the path to illumination.

The beauty of the realization of our oneness with God can be a most moving experience. Nothing on this earth can compare with the condition of spiritualized awareness of the God Within and the Master Within.

The soul personality of man is purged and purified by association with earthly experiences. Therefore, we should try to understand the reasons for our present incarnation and for those circumstances and experiences we need in order to transmute the lower elements of our awareness into a better, more beautiful expression of the Divine Consciousness.

The perfecting of our soul personality cannot be accomplished in one or two short lifetimes on earth. Rather, many varied lives are needed to round out the character and personality. We need varied stimuli to bring about the necessary circumstances in which we will seek to purify ourselves of any undesirable tendencies we have developed.

Our emotional harmony is acquired by passing through disturbing events, which will help us to understand the lessons that are there for us to realize.

However, our past incarnations can often reveal traits of character which do not always seem consistent with our life and training in the present incarnation. Quite often qualities of character can come forward and reveal quite a different character trait that we were not necessarily aware of. By looking back into our past history, we can bring forward these hidden traits.

We can often be amazed at what lies in our past and this can be revealed in time and through the proper development of our inner psychic consciousness.

Our present incarnation should be the one that interests us most. Analysing our inner tendencies can help us to a greater degree of attainment. So we always suggest that a rational outlook is preferable to one where we are ready to believe what others tell us of our past.

Our past is in the realm of possible recall to a certain degree, depending upon our inner awareness. Regression techniques and other readings can sometimes be helpful. However, they also be misleading, and in the case of regression certain highly emotional reactions can take place when one is asked to relive a period of one’s past.

We realize why the strong impressions left on some of our past incarnations can be very disturbing when we consider that the strongest memories are usually those which were deeply impressed because of traumatic experiences we had. When we regress in time, these traumatic experiences are likely to be the ones that first come to the fore.

We have to recognize that most of us were not high potentates, royalty, or well-known historical figures. Many of us lived and worked under most difficult circumstances, as history will reveal, and when we recall our past, we might be very disappointed to learn who we were.

It is only natural that we would, upon learning about reincarnation, dream of being some great historical figure. However, those who were well known for one reason or another were very few in number compared to the billions of soul personalities now on earth. Therefore, we are often on safer ground with the personality we have at present than a former one of doubtful repute.

Reincarnation is, of course, one of the most fascination of subjects. It is only now that the general public is becoming interested in the subject on a wide scale. Few of course, are willing to engage in a deep study or investigation of the subject: their interest lies only on the surface. However, people today are becoming more aware than ever before that there is more to life than a few mortal years. They are beginning to accept that there is much more to life. This trend will be quite helpful to us when we bring the light of a greater life to their attention.

We should each realize, of course, that our personality and character as we now express them are very much determined by our past lives. Although there are parts of our personality that are hidden from view, we can, through inner reflection, become aware of what that past has to reveal to us, but our main concern should be the degree of cosmic contacts and awareness we have so far developed.

In our spiritual development, we are always adding to our attainments, and although we may not be aware of what we have attained at times, we can be sure it is there awaiting our application and use. We should ask ourselves, how can we use and apply our spiritual development in our everyday life? The answer is often that we can use our attainment in a most natural way. When we are faced with any particular problem, we should endeavour to meditate briefly upon it. By raising our consciousness into the Cosmic for just a brief period, we find that our minds are enlightened, that our problems will be seen in a clearer perspective, and that we will also be lifting our consciousness above the disturbing emotions that many of our problems bring.

Life here on earth is the great preparer. It is here that all the cosmic laws and principles are fulfilled and demonstrated. If we can apply ourselves to our lessons, we will surely find that the cosmic intelligences are anxious to do our bidding and that we can command all nature.

Above all, let us remember that what we think and do today will determine what our tomorrows will bring. Therefore, let us lift up our thoughts and establish the highest ideals in our hearts, so that all our tomorrows will reflect the peace, love, and harmony of the Cosmic.

- Extracted from the article Reincarnation By Robert E. Daniels 

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