Monday, 19 October 2009

When Times Are Hard

When times are difficult and hard to live in, the mystical techniques we have learned have their greatest potential for success. When life is too comfortable we realize little success in applying those principles which can bring about those circumstances we desire to establish in our lives.

When we are confronted with emergencies and difficult problems, the application of mystical principles has its greatest power and almost miraculous results can be seen. Many people’s experience points out that remarkable results can be achieved when a sincere and dedicated appeal is made to the Cosmic after all else has failed. These experiences should give us comfort and confidence that the Cosmic is willing to work on our behalf during times of great need.

These principles of Cosmic assistance have greater efficacy during times of emergency or great stress. It is a fact that when our appeal to the Cosmic is strong and persistent, results will soon be realized. This applies mainly to those who have been following the mystical path for some time and living its life.

Living in harmony with the Cosmic is more than simply meditating for a few minutes each day and reading mystical literature. It means living the mystical life and living by the conditions it requires of us. These conditions imply that we must become as tolerant as the Cosmic, as loving as the Cosmic and as broad and as universal in our thoughts and conduct.

If in our thoughts and conduct we are biased, selfish, envious, jealous, or hateful, no harmony with the Cosmic can exist, even if we entertain these inharmonious feelings only occasionally. The central rhythm of our daily living should be kind, loving and generous, full of our praise and sympathetic understanding. We must accept that there are spiritual forces within our beings and in the universe, and seek daily to attune ourselves with them. This is living the mystical life and being in harmony with the Cosmic. The Cosmic will protect us, counsel us, and care for our, and respond readily with all the necessary forces it commands.

Living such a life is not as difficult as we might believe, and our experiences in life will grant us every opportunity to gain a proper understanding of how we should react to all the circumstances with which we are confronted, as long as we desire and seek self-improvement.

The time is rapidly passing when merely reading about the mystical life will have any value for us. We must become involved and dedicate our lives to some useful purpose or the opportunities of a cycle will pass us by.

Whatever our goal in life, whatever our desires for achievement may be, the mystical life can make these possible. Living in harmony with the Cosmic reveals talents and abilities we little realized we possessed. We find that our minds and consciousness are uplifted and charged with a power and desire to succeed in all we do, and our hearts and total beings will be filled with a spiritual love all humanity. Our thinking will be broader and our sympathies and feeling of compassion will grow stronger. Life will bring greater joys and happiness and we will sense a divine purpose for our mission in life which will bring the greatest gift of all, Peace Profound.

- Author Unknown 

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