Friday, 16 October 2009


There are many forms of loneliness. The loneliness we feel on the physical plane can be overcome by our association with others of like mind. But an effort must be made if we are to attract others to us, and it is our character which provides the attractive force which brings about harmony among friends.

On the mental plane a sense of loneliness can be overcome through serious study of those subjects which the mind is consciously or unconsciously attracted to. Restlessness can be changed to a consuming interest once we have found that which we find intriguing and worthy of our investigation.

However the loneliness of the soul calling for recognition is quite another experience and until we realize this deep inner call, which ultimately can lead to a union of the threefold nature of our being, there can be no real peace of mind for us. The experience of loneliness can be a blessing in disguise if it leads us to the true path of mystical attunement.

There comes a time when mystical students must take certain steps on the path entirely alone and cannot depend on friends or teachers for guidance and help. We need to become more attuned to our inner selves and thereby establish a divine companionship which will always prove to be a source of inspiration and comfort for the long journey ahead.

In the early stages of study, the mystic often finds that his new knowledge and experiences conflict with the orthodox views and opinions of his friends and family. He then must decide whether to proceed along this path which can only widen the differences. Should he have the inner strength and the determination to proceed, he may evoke from within himself the companionship of the divine light which is ever ready to provide greater illumination on his path.

One who has left the mystical and spiritual nature of his being undeveloped is likely to feel a sense of inadequacy, to be a little uncertain, fearful, and lacking in confidence and self-esteem. However, those whose life experiences have made them reflect upon the more serious issues of life, and have awakened their mystical awareness, will inwardly sense greater peace and harmony in their beings, more confidence and an inner assurance. Their sympathies and concern for others will be more prominent in their consciousness and they will have a love of life that comes from a deep inner response to life’s activities.

We cannot discard or negate our deep-seated feelings. Life has too much meaning that goes far beyond the intellect and the limitations of the mind. Often, we try to ignore the issues of life, but these feelings are the responses to the soul life within, and its influence is all pervading and powerful. How often have you been very deeply moved by your emotions? You know how difficult it is to control these feelings with your thinking, because the soul force within needs to express itself. We should not try to divert our minds from those experiences, but try to see what lessons we can learn from them.

The centre of our attention should be to bring about and experience those emotions of love, harmony, peace, and a sense of kindliness towards others. We need to exercise the will in order that the wisdom we have acquired through years of experiences will be reflected in a deep love for all living things, for as we build this attitude to life and have it become the central motivation of our lives, we will feel and know a love and a spiritual power and a spiritual companionship far beyond our present hopes which we must use for the good of others – and our lives will become a great blessing to all mankind.

- Author Unknown 

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