Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Food For Thought

We may have many people in our life, some who appear briefly, some who come to us in the most unexpected of ways. Some we deem to be close, some who have been around for the longest of times and even yes, some whom we fall head over heels with. But no matter the circumstance, if your relationship has never gone through dark times, it has never gone through a trial of fire. And though it may seem like a nice place to be for now, you'll never know if it'll hold out in one of life's storms that decides to come by. Remember, a boat is never truly deemed seaworthy unless it has survived the wildest of storms, not by its age or how pretty it looks to you or others on the out. The sturdiest of relationships are never the ones that are the most smooth sailing. - Unknown


Belinda said...

A good one.

Vincent Thnay said...

Hi Belinda,