Sunday, 29 December 2013

Quote Worthy

Good results are sometimes owing to a failure of judgment, because the faculty of judgment often hinders us from undertaking many things which would succeed if carried through without thinking. - Magdeleine Sable

Obstinacy is will asserting itself without being able to justify itself. It is persistence without a reasonable motive. It is the tenacity of self-love substituted for that of reason and conscience. - Henri Frederic Amiel

When bad things happen, you cannot ignore the pain. But you can choose to interpret it as a lesson, and learn from it. It is not what happens to you that matter, it is what you decide to do with it. - Unknown

Retreating a step when faced with an apparently hopeless situation often enables us not only to get out of the difficult situation effectively but also to see possible solutions to the problem. - Unknown

We think highly of men when we do not know the extent of their capabilities, for we always suppose that more exists when we only see half. - Magdeleine Sable

You cannot build strength and stamina by sleeping; and you cannot rest by running. Each function has a place in our life. The key is to keep them in equilibrium. - Unknown

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