Thursday, 12 November 2009

Attracting Success

The successful life is one which we all aspire, according to our own understanding of success. No two persons’ ideas of success are the same. Certain elements in our live enable us to regard success from different points of view; however, many people have a completely wrong conception of what constitutes success. Great wealth does not necessarily denote success. Even the achievement of many goals and attainments does not necessarily mean that an individual is successful. Some people have achieved a great deal of success in the business and professional world, and yet, because they have failed to achieve some particular desire, they still consider themselves unsuccessful. Others who have achieved some goal or worthwhile aim consider themselves quite successful, but they would not necessarily be considered such in the eyes of some. Certain individuals have overcome many obstacles in their lives, but may not have attained any material or financial success. Yet, in a real sense, they are extremely successful people. Having overcome many obstacles and achieved many personal goals, they are truly successful in their own eyes. The measure of one’s success is a deeply personal thing, and differs greatly from one person to another.


Many people consider themselves failures in life because they set such high goals that they are impossible to achieve. They are not realistic in their aims and ambitions, and therefore consider themselves failures. Real success is found in setting goals and ideas consistent with the desires of the inner self; goals and ideals inconsistent with the inner self will bring no satisfaction, even when attained. In order to be successful in life and to achieve any worthwhile goal or ideal, a high ideal, a high degree of self-discipline is required, as well as a real understanding of what we desire and the method and technique of achieving it.

We need to realize that we are already successful in many things we do each day. We are successful in our daily tasks because we practice them at regular intervals. By regular practice of certain techniques, we can be successful in anything we desire to do, even though the success we desire is, in some ways, an intangible element.

The whole system of man is geared for success. Failure is usually due to a lack of practice and understanding of the principles involved. Once these are properly understood, they can be mastered and our goals successfully achieved. We have the knowledge that other people have been successful in thee same goals; therefore, we should realize that we too can be successful if we are prepared to apply ourselves to the task.

We are creative beings. We have the technique and ability to create something by our thoughts and visualized ideals. We may not fully understand how the process works, but we do know from experience that this process will work successfully in any goal we seek to achieve, as long as we fulfil the conditions required.

Confidence Is Important 

First of all, we must have confidence that whatever goal we are seeking can be achieved. Without this confidence, we should not even attempt to achieve our desired goal. Then, we must acquaint ourselves as thoroughly and as fully as possible with our goal. We must have a real understanding of that which we seek. Subsequently, we must set about making preparations for the achievement of that goal by our creative process of mind. This creative process is done through the process of concentration and visualization. In the process of visualization, we must create the object of our desire in such a way that it becomes real to us, as if we have already attained this particular goal.

To be truly successful in this achievement, however, the goal or desire must be consistent with the desires of the inner self. We must have the emotional feeling and confidence to attain and achieve this goal. The goal we are seeking to fulfil must not be just a wish, a hope, or a thought, but rather a real, deep inner commitment, an intense desire of the inner self, of the emotional part of man. The final step is to repeat this process at least two or three times a day, for a period of several days or a few weeks. The real desire must be part of the inner self, and not lie on the surface of the mind as a mere wish or hope. Once a goal becomes an intense desire of the inner self, and with the confidence that it is already achieved, we can be successful in our hopes of achievement.

Success is attracted to us when our desires become expressed as desires of the inner self. By our attitude we attract to ourselves the conditions and circumstances we need by either a positive or negative field of attraction. Therefore, we must be sure our thought and mental attitude is a positive and constructive one, for this will ensure success and happiness. 

Obviously, if our desire is to become a great musician or artist, or professional healer – such as a doctor – we must undertake a proper course of instruction to achieve such a goal. However, our success will be achieved in these desires primarily because we have set in motion certain cosmic principles which make it possible to attain our goals. Events and circumstances are brought about in our lives that lead us to what we desire. There is no magic way whereby, through the agency of the Cosmic, our desire is miraculously brought about. Rather, the ways and means for us to achieve these goals is revealed to us, step by step.

The student of mysticism will often express the view that he has no material desires, and therefore has no use for these techniques in achieving success in his daily life. He forgets, though, that these are the very tools he needs to be of service to others. Without his mastery of the art of visualization, concentration and the directing of the spiritual will that gradually awakens in the mystical student, he will be of little use to the Cosmic in bringing about changes for the benefit of mankind. The Masters themselves use these very techniques to achieve the good they do, but it is not necessary that the student wait for some future event in order to acquire a mastery of these basic techniques. No, indeed, it is only by practicing these very techniques daily that he will learn to master them for good purposes in the future. His desires for attainment need not be selfish ones, but should always involve the interests of others, and also those of the community in which he lives.

The true mystics are always men and women of action; they are not theorists. Idealists they may be, but they are truly men and women of action. Whenever their services are needed, their action takes place on the mental, psychic, and spiritual planes, as well as on the material plane. Therefore, these basic techniques, are of vital importance in the mystical life of the student. He should strive to see and visualize himself from the ideal point of view. This procedure will invoke certain karmic forces on his behalf and gradually initiate the student into the proper training he needs to develop his mystical qualities, which will be evoked by a sincere and aspiring heart.

Success in the world will be a real preparation for service to others. Ask yourself who you would select for some important service to be rendered on behalf of others – the one who merely wishes and hopes, or the one who truly aspires and prepares and gains real experience in his day-to-day activities? Obviously, the Cosmic Intelligence will always use the most suitable vehicle for its work. Remember, all studentship is training and preparation for service.

Therefore, we urge you to use these principles to attain any worthwhile goals for a more successful life. The abundance of the Cosmic awaits you, and for you to share it with others. By making these principles work, they thereby demonstrate to others, beyond any doubt, the efficacy of the principles and their real usefulness in the world today. The happiness you desire and pursue will be yours to experience and share with others for a greater and more successful life.

- Robert E Daniels 

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