Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Cycles Of Preparation

Our soul prepares us to use and understand the present cycles for our future cycles. It is the soul’s nature to move forward through these cycles of preparation. Our soul seeks and expresses itself through a prepared consciousness.

A spiritual disciple becomes aware of the importance of preparing upon the invisible planes of life through meditation, contemplation, and service. We, as mystics, set energy into motion that can produce the right reaction at the right time. Instead of becoming victims of our environment and external forces, each of us, through free will, sows what we will reap. Such preparation should be relaxed and carried out with inner understanding; it is one of the best ways of attunement with our life’s purpose.

As we study the many different cycles of nature which affect us, we become conscious of the cycles of preparation. We observe that every cycle of life is actually preparing us to deal with growth, expansion, and unlimited good. Things both seen and unseen cooperate with this unfolding drama of life. While we might delay things upon the psychological levels, we must still deal with them all in due time. The more defined our preparation, the more effective we will be.

From physical birth through transition we are always preparing for our next cycles of life. Yet we can waste our time and energy in many ways, thus delaying our plans. But in due time the soul must do what it came to do. Each of us has a responsibility to ourselves to progress and learn.

All the concepts of health and prosperity deal with cycles of right preparation. Our states of health, happiness, and prosperity depend on our cooperation with these important cycles. If our life is not yielding its fullness, then something is amiss in our understanding and application of the cycles of preparation. We can study the finest books and concepts in the world, but until we do take action for preparation, we will not reach our full potential.

The manner in which we think and use our time and energy – today – is important in our tomorrows. We can begin to work towards the spiritual and material good that is waiting for us. How much unlimited good we actually reap is literally up to each of us. Our mind and thoughts are so important to our total future, and it is here that our first order of business is set into motion. Our thoughts and actions must agree with the direction of our soul … to avoid mixed, confused, and delayed reactions.

If any of our problems are being repeated, such as the same psychological pain or a business problem, then we know that inadequate preparation is the real cause. When we prepare for our expanded good in peace and love, then this peace and its results must come.

In our life there are rich opportunities to set into motion the good we seek. Many wonderful unseen opportunities allow this energy to create the needed action. We need to take advantage of the daily opportunities. If we will take time in our lives to prepare, through thoughts, words, and simple actions, we can progress and begin to unfold a far greater life of health and abundance than we have ever experienced. 

All spiritual progression is built on the law of preparation! Our present thoughts bring forth the good of the future. It is the effort that we use that counts. Definite preparation will yield definite results. We will not only do ourselves a favour, but we will inspire others.

Study, meditation, and service prepare each of us to better understand and express the purpose for our life. How well we use our time, energy, and actions at this time can bring into our life great peace, light, and love.

- Author Unknown 

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