Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Growth In Consciousness

It is only natural in our spiritual growth and development that we should pause from time to time in order to solidify the knowledge we have gained and assess our progress and its usefulness to ourselves and others. It is during these times that we can entertain doubts and reservations about the value and purpose of what we may have accomplished or the lack of progress we sometimes feel. Such pauses on the path are quite necessary. We cannot always be led by the hand to the highest attainment of life, but must assess our own inner strengths and weaknesses in order to begin a new spiral of progress toward a goal we cannot always see.

Inwardly, we know and realize how much lies before us and what necessary sacrifices we will have to make to achieve the goal of the spiritual life. And so we pause to gather strength before moving onward, sometimes in a new direction for a period, only to return later, refreshed and encouraged in the good work we seek to achieve.

Life is the great teacher. Much lies within us awaiting recognition and expression, but this unfoldment must come in its own time and in its own way. Progress on the path is not always straight and uneventful. It consists of those experiences we all need to unfold the best that lies within, and reveals those traits of character needing to be improved and moulded to a new and finer expression through the trails of life – to the point where we may say that the qualities of our character are worthy of emulation by others.

Development on the mystical path does not come by leaps and bounds, but in the hourly and daily progress we make and by viewing our experiences from the wiser insights of a spiritual consciousness.

We are all more spiritual than we realize. If we persist in the path we have chosen we will receive the help and guidance we need from the cosmic forces on the inner side of life. We must accept that the help we need awaits our loving and determined appeal.

If we believe that we are progressing toward a more spiritual life, we must accept that service to others is paramount to that progress. We will have the inspiration and encouragement of those who have gone before us on this same path as well as feel the association of thousands who are treading this path along with us.

Never let yourself be daunted or feel despair; the inner life may mean sacrifice of some things you would like to have or achieve on the material plane, but the rewards of the spiritual life are so remarkable, so joyful and fulfilling, that no words can adequately describe their true beauty and significance. Therefore be resolved that no matter what the trial or tribulation or how hard the task, however heavy the burden, you will persist to the next level in your personal evolution, for there is but one path for you and the higher powers are watching awaiting your arrival. 

Our greatest progress made when we consciously build towards the higher levels of consciousness, and in so doing our state of awareness is more greatly expanded. Consciousness is developed step by step through our daily experiences, the trails and difficulties we experience provide the opportunity for our growth in consciousness. Our reactions to happy and pleasurable events also have a marked effect upon us depending upon how we react to them.

Accepting adversity gracefully, and not allowing our thoughts and emotions to become negative when faced with criticism and annoying events, builds a higher consciousness. It is when things go wrong or against our wishes that we face the opportunity to achieve a growth of our consciousness by closing the door on any negative thoughts and being determined to hold a positive and constructive outlook upon the events of our daily life.

Life is a challenge to think and do the best we know how when faced with any event, and how we succeed determines whether we have grown a little wiser in dealing positively with these difficult circumstances. Of course, many of life’s difficulties will soon disappear once our attitude towards them undergoes a change.

The focus of our attention must be adjusted if we experience many trails and problems each day, for when we see ourselves and others as spiritual beings and that the purpose of life is to grow in spiritual consciousness, we become aware that the events and experiences making up our daily life are the results of our past negative thoughts and actions. If we want a better, more enjoyable life, and happiness and contentment, then we must change the focus of our attention and strive to correct any negative thoughts before they happen to become an accepted part of our belief.

The spiritual life, one where our minds are drawn more to higher things and less to the mundane, will result in a growth of consciousness which will allow us to deal more successfully and efficiently with all our material affairs, making for greater happiness and success in whatever we undertake.

- Author unknown 

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