Monday, 16 November 2009

Our Daily Crises

Today we seem to face more crises than ever before. Not only are we assaulted by crisis on the international scene, but with national and community crises also. Our own personal crises also press in upon us from time to time and give us pause to wonder why life should be so difficult for many, and what the causes are for these daily crises.

The cycles of cosmic influence have been accelerating for several years, bringing many changes in every aspect of life. Quite frequently the changes take the form of one crisis or another. However, if we look back over the years we will realize that we have passed through many crises of various types, and inwardly we are little the worse for them. We are perhaps even better prepared for the future and often much the wiser for the experience.

Our own personal crises of a more intimate nature are of greatest concern to us. Each crisis must be faced and dealt with to the best of our abilities. These crises do not confront us because we are mystical students who do not run with the masses, but because our increasing inner aspirations draw circumstances and conditions to us which act as a kind of test to all we hold dear. They test our resolve and determination to proceed on the upward path of life. These personal crises, which we all have to face periodically, are in many ways quite different from the usual worldly crises which constantly repeat themselves. Our own crises are always new and challenging; they reveal and often startle, but cannot be avoided because we have evoked them. By critical analysis, we can gain much insight from those personal crises which in the main involve our relationship with others.


Various people cross our path in life. Some have a great influence upon us, while others, we influence ourselves, but there is usually one person who will have a major effect upon our lives – the result of karmic conditions established in our past. Many times our hopes and wishes are thwarted, and we feel we cannot always achieve our aims and are held back from our attainments. In such instances, our karmic relationships are of great value to us, and we should not seek to separate ourselves from them, but try to realize the great value of these association by viewing them with an inner perspective. Such persons are given to us in order that we may work out and fulfil our destiny in this life.

Quite often a student of mysticism will meet with some opposition and criticism because of his new-found interest in the mystical life. Relatives or good friend show an indifference and opposition to his desire for personal advancement and improvement, and the student feels reluctant to be the cause of disharmony to those closest to him. But surely he must exercise his need for freedom of thought. His friends have every right to follow what they believe, and he must sooner or later take a stand to pursue those interest and that knowledge which will free him from the bondage of the past.

Once we develop that temper of mind which accepts any challenge with a sense of determination to succeed in any goals or desire for achievement, we can be assured of the highest attunement in the mystical life. The same determined attitude will also enable us to face our daily crises with a sense of confidence that we can deal with any difficulty with greater understanding and purpose.

Our lives revolve around the lives of others, and we who are sometimes stronger because of our mystical insights must share our strength and the comfort of a loving heart with those around us – particularly family friends, who often do not have the advantage of such mystical insight. We must learn to share the best of ourselves with others, because we share in their individual karma and their lives are part of our own. We must stand firm in our beliefs, for the influence of a loving and determined heart will prove to be a great blessing to others and enable us to see more clearly the way to resolve our individual crises and to understand their value to our onward progress.

- By Robert E Daniels 

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