Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Let Us Give – Not Condemn

It is only natural that we be concerned about the welfare of other people and want to help them, but it is a rule of wisdom for the mystical student to learn to mind his own business and not interfere in the lives of others. There is considerable difference in offering to help those who are in need, and in urging others to follow our advice. We must encourage others to look within and seek their own solutions, which will bring them a much greater sense of satisfaction. Service to others must be placed in a common sense perspective. We should try always to help those who want to help themselves, but we should not do for others that which they must learn to do for themselves.

The mystical life inclines each of us to desire to give some form of service to our fellow men, but unless we are discriminating, we might try to help those who must first learn to help themselves. In our attempts at humanitarian service, we make them all the more helpless. To give encouragement and advice when sought is the only sure way of being helpful; thus we must avoid the tendency to prevent others from standing upon their own.

It is often asked, “If the Cosmic is infinite in its knowledge and power, why doesn’t it do more to help humanity?” Quite simply, the cosmic powers to whom we look for guidance are fully aware of the needs of humanity. But they cannot and do not impose their will upon mankind. They need willing souls here on Earth who will become channels for service, so that the cosmic powers can be expressed and manifested here on this plane.

Our first task is to radiate peace and love at all times, to let the harmony of the Cosmic radiate from us. This radiation from our hearts will prove to be the best form of service we can render. Our influence upon others whom we will attract will be strong and helpful because they are seeking guidance and a way to a better and more useful life. Let it be our thought to radiate the knowledge we have acquired and the inner spiritual attainments we have reached. We will attract others to us in accordance with the vibrations which emanate from within each of us, and we will be able to assist those in need in a way we little realize. A word of comfort and encouragement, a smile or a thought, is often all that is needed to help those who seek greater understanding to bear the burden that life has place upon them.

To become a channel for service to the Cosmic Powers, we must learn to radiate a spiritual consciousness in our daily life, and by our willingness to help in the smallest way, we will be prepared to assist the Cosmic in its greater endeavours.

It is through service that we truly express the soul consciousness within. As we develop and unfold the beauty of the Divine Light from within, and allow it to radiate from us, so do we express the Divine Will. The spiritual life is one of service, express the Will, the Intellect, and the Love of God in action. Whenever we devote ourselves to useful endeavours, the Divine Spirit will seek to express itself through us and use us as a channel in its plan of service to man.

Only as we devote ourselves to the interests of others will the higher forces and intelligences illuminate and inspire us in direct proportion to our unselfish services. We can do so much for others in need, with only a little effort. We do not ask that you put aside your own interests and activities; quite the contrary, we would urge you to enlarge your field of interests and activities and allow your influence to grow in these fields. All that is asked is that you radiate the Love of the Cosmic and express the desire to help and serve others.

Others will be attracted to you; and often your friendship and your helpful and encouraging advice will be all you will need to give. Your progress on the path to the highest illumination will be assured through this path of service. It will not always be straight and rewarding. Success and failure will be yours. However, only in giving do we truly receive, and to receive the things of the spiritual life, we must give the spiritual part of ourselves.

- Robert E. Daniels, F. R.C. 


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