Thursday, 5 November 2009

What Is Reality?

Reality changes for us according to our realization. It is not exactly the same for other as it is for each of us. This invites a corollary that we are in some ways responsible for our own realities.

In many paranormal events we see the intrusion of extra ordinary reality into the midst of this ordinary reality. A dowser for example, might reach outside the scope of ordinary reality in order to find water, but the water that he finds is here, not in some other world of reality. 

A healer might reached into another range of realization to accomplish his purpose, but the results appear in the health of physical bodies here, in this familiar world. 

Foreknowledge of the future, or precognition reaches into circumstances that are neither accessible to, nor compatible with, ordinary reality; but what is perceived becomes bona fide reality in the future.

- Author Unknown 

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