Saturday, 14 November 2009

Cosmic Patterns

Our role in life is to become a part in the new patterns, ones not experienced previously. The old habits we have formed, that have been pushed back in the drawers of time, can’t be made to fit in with the colours and style of the times to come. The drawers we have used in our lives hold just so much. We can’t cram in more until we remove something – although that act can be painful. Many customs dear to our hearts, that we have long cherished, have to be thrown out. That is the often painful lesson we fret about today.

Most of us are born with the weakness of looking backward too much, and not enough forward. Notice a mother walking with her small child, while holding him by the hand. The youngster stumble because his head is turned to see what he has passed instead of what lies ahead. We all are God’s children – we look to the past, and it is God’s hand that leads us into the unknown. We stumble into new field of learning.

Knowledge is that something we absorb from the outside of ourselves, a mental development. The seed of knowledge form an inner growth we call wisdom. With the wisdom we can channel knowledge into productive use.

In life there are many levels, or treads of understanding. We have no way of knowing how long a time we will spend on one tread – there is no set time. Some people are content to take matters as they come and have to be led into the future. Others are curious about what lies ahead and there is no holding back. We learn by our interest and progressiveness the privilege of stepping up to the next tread.

Under no circumstances should those people on other levels be looked down upon. They are learning the lessons presented to them. They may be on the pathway that leads to the stairway. Even so, somewhere they will be attracted to a bright object that reflects a light from above. A new consciousness enters in when they see the light. Isn’t that the purpose of life on Earth? These souls are not lost and never have been, as each and every one is a part of God.

We may be like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle; regardless of age. When we fit in, we fulfil a purpose. All forms of life are the organs of God, cells serving in different kingdoms but in one body. Wars and terrorism are the result of diseased cells living out of harmony. But they will be eventually cast out, forced to live some of their former life cycles over again so as to learn a better way of life. And in the discarding of the imperfect, we become part of anew pattern that is more beautiful and in harmony with the Cosmic.

- by Everett E Bishop 

The higher the hill we climb, the broader view we get of what life is all about. - by Everett E Bishop 

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