Saturday, 7 November 2009

Realizing A Desire

There are three steps for soliciting divine or cosmic assistance in realizing a desire.

1) When seeking a desired result, visualize it precisely. 
2) Consign the want and its specifications to the cosmic “system” – and then dismiss it. 
3)Follow up and collaborate, but without interfering.

It is well to consider carefully just what you want. But that cannot go on forever. The best you can think of today might be improved tomorrow, but today you have to say ‘go’ and dismiss it. Tomorrow you can again say ‘go’ with improved specifications and, remarkably enough, today’s effort will not have been wasted.

If a desire and its specifications are not dismissed into the cosmic system, the most detailed visualization may bring no result. The objective is not to wallow in enjoyment of a mental picture of the desire fulfilled, but to put it into the works for fulfilment.

Several common hang-ups work against this principle. One is the idea that dismissing something desirable means giving up on it, or giving it up. Dismissing a visualization does mean letting go of it – not to give it up, but to send it on its way to fulfilment. When you place a letter in a postal drop box, you have to let go and entrust it to the postal system. If you hang on, it will never go anywhere or accomplish anything. It is much the same with this second step in realizing a desire; you entrust it to the cosmic system.

A second hang up is a popular idea about “holding the thought”, as though the result will come about only by constant will power or thought pressure. Again, in mailing a letter you need not throw it into the mailbox with enough force to carry it right on to its destination; nor do you have to keep pushing on it. You drop it altogether – making sure it drops into the postal system.

Holding and cherishing a thought has its uses and benefits, as in contemplation, or as a deliberate substitute for some other fearful or depressing thought. But in creative visualization such constant attention obstructs fulfilment. In the same way, gnawing constantly at some problem does not often bring the solution. A common experience is for the solution to pop into your mind after you have put the problem aside for a time or slept on it.

It is possible to make an event of such dismissal, even have a ritual for it; but the important thing is to let go and turn to something else that demands conscious attention. One form of dismissal is, “If it be the will of the Cosmic (or of the Masters), it is done!” Since it is done, do not try to do any more with it – not today. Now is the time to stand aside and let it work out. (These same principle are also important in healing.)

This standing aside, getting oneself out of the way, is the first point in collaboration. In the same way, if you summon the fire department or a rescue squad, they ask you to stand aside so they can do what must be done.

Another thing everyone can do in connection with his desire is to make a place for it in his life. Cosmic forces work through ordinary people and things, not through a fairy godmother or a magic wand. In the process of actualising a desire, if some phase of it must be accomplished by human hands, then somebody’s hands must be inspired to do it.

Typically a desire does not materialize suddenly in a lump sun; rather it comes about by leading or bending circumstances a bit here, there, and elsewhere so that in the end a new circumstance is ready to crystallize. If one is alert to clues and cues, one may be able to help it along and see it coming, and at least one can be in on it when it does come. How tragic if my desire materialize but I did not see it, or did not recognize the opportunity when I saw it!

Such collaboration is expectant, but does not interfere. It is not like, “Very well; I will do it myself.” It is not cancelling or recalling the desire from the cosmic system to which it was entrusted. True, one may be able to do a few things that help to bring it about. But how was one inspired to do those things, and to know how and what to do? The final point in collaborating is to acknowledge the workings of the “higher law” when we call upon it. When unexpected coincidences help out, we salute them gaily and thankfully, not belittling them.

A droll story with a double edge. A hunter who had been lost in the woods was telling another how he prayed to God to show him the way out. Did God answer his prayer? “Well, no,” he said; “before God got around to it, another hunter happened to come along who knew the way, and I just followed him.” 

The way you take this story may depend on the extent of your experience in realizing desires with cosmic assistance.

- Author Unknown 

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