Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Nei jing

Regarded by many as the final authority on Chinese medicine, Nei jing is the oldest and greatest classic literature extant in China.

Man is born of the chi of heaven and of earth, and is nurtured by the ways of the four seasons. - Nei Jing
          The very substance of which a man is born is the same as the substance that comprises the whole universe, that is energy. This energy may be manifested as different kinds, which are generalized into two main groups. The fine types are known as heaven energy, and the coarser types as earth energy.
          This energy, which is in man as well as in the whole universe, is not static. It is forever changing, and the changes can be brought about by different times and environments. The growth and development of a man, therefore, are affected by the seasons, which include not only climatic but also subtle psychological, physiological and other variations. 

The source of life, of birth and change is chi; everything under heaven and earth obeys this law. Chi in the periphery envelops the cosmos; chi in the interior activates all. - Nei Jing

The wise who know the arcane art go into deep meditation, breathe in cosmic energy, and through constant practice, eventually acquire supernormal abilities. - Nei Jing

Discard all irrelevant thoughts, breathe in cosmic energy, so as to open your mental faculties. - Nei Jing

Mediocre medicine cures diseases; superior medicine prevents them. - Nei Jing

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