Friday, 8 November 2013

Quote Worthy

Better one’s house be too little one day than too big all the Year after. - Thomas Fuller

There are more self-marred people in the world than there are self-made. - Arnold Glasgow

If a sense of duty tortures a man, it also enables him to achieve wonders. - Unknown

May there be just enough clouds in your life to create a glorious sunset. - Unknown

Desperation is sometimes as powerful an inspirer as genius. - Benjamin Disraeli

A moment’s insight is sometimes worth a life’s experience. - Oliver Wendell Holmes

What you do not see with your eyes, do not witness with your mouth. - Unknown

Some people have a wonderful presence, others, a wonderful absence. - Unknown

It is not who is right, but what is right, that is important. - Thomas H. Huxley

The coward regards himself as cautious, the miser as thrifty. - Publilius Syrus

Dont give other people a piece of your mind unless you can afford it. - Unknown

Take pride in how far you have come, have faith in how far you can go. - Unknown

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