Thursday, 2 April 2015

Quote Worthy

Obstinate people can be divided into the opinionated, the ignorant, and the boorish. - Aristotle

Find the person who will love you because of your differences and not in spite of them and you have found a lover for life. - Leo Buscaglia 

Every reform, however necessary, will by weak minds be carried to an excess, that itself will need reforming. - Samuel Taylor Coleridge

The evil that men do lives on the front pages of greedy newspapers, but the good is oft interred apathetically inside. - Brooks Atkinson 

Not all scars show, not all wounds heal. Sometimes you can’t always see the pain someone feels. - Unknown

Silly things do cease to be silly if they are done by sensible people in an impudent way. - Jane Austen

Windfall apples never tastes as sweet as those you have to climb up and pick yourself. - Unknown

While enjoying the fruits of your labour, reflect on the source of your success. - Unknown

Never complain. Never explain. - Katharine Hepburn 

Dripping hollows out rock. - Ovid 

Much outcry, little outcome. - Aesop

Wit is educated insolence. - Aristotle

What you resist persists. - Carl Jung

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