Saturday, 17 January 2015

Quote Worthy

It is easier to lead men to combat, stirring up their passion, than to restrain them and direct them toward the patient labours of peace. - Andre Gide

Do not think what is hard for you to master is humanly impossible; but if a thing is humanly possible, consider it to be within your reach. - Unknown

You have got to stand for something or you are going to fall for anything. Be bold in what you stand for and careful what you fall for. - Unknown

Rain puts a hole in stone because of its constancy, not its force. I just kept knocking on doors until the right one opened. - H. Joseph Gerber

When you are transitioning to a new season of life, the people and situations that no longer fit you will fall away. - Mandy Hale

Prosperity is not without many fears and distastes; and adversity is not without comforts and hopes. - Unknown

If moral behavior were simply following rules, we could program a computer to be moral. - Samuel P. Ginder

Sometimes, you just need a break. In a beautiful place, alone, to figure everything out. - Unknown 

It is never too late to be what you might have been. - George Eliot

You never have to chase what wants to stay. - Unknown

It is impossible to say just what I mean! - TS Eliot

Sometimes the best gain is to lose. - George Herbert

The resolved mind hath no cares. - George Herbert

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