Monday, 30 November 2009

Noises Raises Blood Pressure

The constant rumbling of cars, trucks, and trains is not just annoying, it can raise your blood pressure.

A study recently published in the journal Environmental Health found that people exposed to high levels of noise from roads near their homes were more likely to report that they were suffering from chronic hypertension.

“Road traffic is the most important source of community noise,” said lead researcher Theo Bodin from Lund University Hospital, Sweden, in a news release.

“We found that exposure above 60 decibels was associated with high blood pressure among the relatively young and middle-aged, an important risk factor for cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack and stroke.”

Typical noise of a conversation is 60 decibels while a vacuum cleaner is 70 decibels.

The researchers surveyed more than 24,000 adults living in Sweden.

The study found a modest link between hypertension and average traffic noise between 45 and 65 decibels. However, the link grew stronger with higher levels of noise.

The risk of hypertension was highest in relatively young or middle-aged people, whereas no effects were seen in the oldest age group.

Many urban dwellers experience traffic noise levels of 55 decibels or more, the authors noted, and those numbers are growing.

- Los Angeles Times 

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Shakey’s Shrink

              Shakey went to a psychiatrist. “Doc,” he said, “I’ve got trouble. Every time I get into bed, I think there is somebody under it. Then, when I get under the bed, I think there’s somebody on top of it. Doc, you’ve gotta help me, I’m going crazy!” 
               “Just put yourself in my hands for two years,” said the psychiatrist. “Come to me three times a week, and I’ll cure your fears.”
              “How much do you charge?”
              “My fee is $100 per visit.”
              “That’s awfully expensive, Doc,” reckoned Shakey. “Let me sleep on it, and I’ll get back to you.” 
              Six months later, the doctor and Shakey crossed paths. “Why didn’t you ever come to see me again?” asked the psychiatrist. 
              “For a visit? Heck, a bartender cured me for free!” 
              “How do you figure?” asked the psychiatrist. 
              “He told me to cut the legs off the bed!”

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Hot Chocolate

A group of graduates, well established in their careers, were discussing their lives at a class reunion. They decided to go visit their old university professor, now retired, who was always an inspiration to them.

During their visit, the conversation turned to complaints about stress in their work, lives and relationships.

Offering his guests hot chocolate, the professor went into the kitchen and returned with a large pot of hot chocolate and an assortment of cups. 

There were porcelain, glass, and crystal cups; some plain looking, some expensive, some exquisite. He invited each to help themselves to the hot chocolate.

When they all had a cup of hot chocolate in hand, the professor shared his thoughts.

“Notice that all the nice looking expensive cups were taken, leaving behind the plain and cheap ones. While it is normal for you to want only the best for yourselves, that is the source of your problems and stress. The cup that you are drinking from adds nothing to the quality of the hot chocolate. In most cases it is just more expensive and in some cases even hide what we drink. What each of you really wanted was hot chocolate. You did not want the cup… but you consciously went for the best cups. And soon you began to eye one another’s cups.

"Now friends consider this…

"Life is the hot chocolate… Your job, money and position in society are the cups. They are just tools to hold and contain life. The cup you have does not define, nor does it change the quality of life you are living. Sometimes by concentrating only on the cup, we fail to enjoy the hot chocolate. Always remember this, YOU are the one who choose the cup.”


“The happiest people don’t have the best of everything. They just make the best of everything that they have.”

“Live simply…. Love generously… care deeply… speak kindly…”

“The richest person is not the one who had the most, but the one who needs the least.”

Enjoy your hot Chocolate !

Friday, 27 November 2009

Optical Illusions







Wednesday, 25 November 2009

The Lotus Flower

The traditional Indian and Buddhist explanation of the glorious lotus flower is that it appears not to spring from the sordid earth but from the surface of the water and it is always unsullied and pure, no matter how impure the water. This symbolizes all first created objects arising from primordial chaos – confusion and darkness. In other words, from out the darkness came light, beauty, and form. No matter what one’s environment, the spiritual truth latent in one’s nature may blossom forth and remain uncontaminated if one turns toward the light.

- Source Unknown 

Saturday, 21 November 2009


A video clip of Singapore in the - I guess - late 1800s, early 1900s?

Friday, 20 November 2009

The Real Nature Of Life And The Universe

Who am I? 
Am I this Body of Flesh, Bone and Blood? Am I the Mind, Thoughts and the Feelings which distinguish me from the other persons?

Pursue the enquiry “Who am I”, relentlessly. Analyze your entire personality. Try to find out where the “I” thought begins. Go on with your meditations. Keep turning your attention within. One day the wheel of thought will slow down and an intuition will mysteriously arise. Follow that intuition, let your thinking stop, and it will eventually lead you to the goal.

The sense of “I” pertains to the “person”, the “body” and the “mind”. When a man knows his true self for the first time, something else arrives from the depths of his being and takes possession of him. That something is behind the mind. It is infinite, divine, eternal. It is believed that when a man dies, his character, desires, thoughts and will continues to exists until they enter a body of flesh once more and come among us in the form of a newborn baby. 

The good and evil actions committed in the former birth will be suitable rewarded or punished in the present or even in the future births. This is how we explained fate. The destiny of every person must be fulfilled. Man cannot escape from their self-earned fate. The ‘cause and effect’ returns to men the good or evil fruits of their thoughts and deeds in earlier bodies.

What is Soul?
Briefly stated, the soul is the abiding, separate, constantly existing and indestructible entity which is generally believed to be found in man from the moment of his birth up to the time of his death, and to exist after his death in some other place.

Nature of Life
Life is merely a phenomenon or rather, a series of phenomena, produced by the law of cause and effect. And individual existence is to be looked upon not as something permanent but as a succession of changes as something that is always passing away.

Continuity of Life
As long as the causes of life persist – the sense of separateness, the craving for existence – so long will life continue. Remove the cause of life and life is not continued. The continuity of life is like a flame of a lamp. The light appears to come from the lamp throughout the night; yet every instant oil and wick and lamp-holder and the air that feeds the flame are constantly changing. It is the same, yet not the same.

Death comes about either by the lapse of his natural term of life or by the exhaustion of the karma that give him birth in this life or by both these causes or even by some strong extraneous karma, for there is such a thing as Akalalarama, untimely, sudden death. A lamp may go out with the exhaustion of oil or wick or both or by a sudden gust of wind.

If at death the craving for life has not been completely destroyed then this craving gathers fresh life, body and mind. The result is a new individual, new in a sense. There is nothing that passes from one life to another. It is the karma produced by us in our previous lives and in this life that brings about the new life. The new body and mind is merely the result of past lives so our next life is the product of that karma plus the karma of the present life.

Death Explains
It is essential that we fully understand DEATH, for by understanding this, we comprehend the mystery of life. By taking a closer look at life and death you will realize that both are ends of the same process and by understanding one, the depth of the other would be just as easily understood.

In fact, the most intensive contemplation of death will soften the hardest of hearts and pull down the barriers of caste, creed, race, pride and hatred for all of us are subject to the common destiny of death. Pride by birth, position, health and power, all must give way to inevitable death. This contemplation would destroy all love for sense-pleasure and gives balance and a healthy sense of proportion to misguided senses of values. Truly this reflection would give strength, steadiness and direction to the erratic human mind which is constantly wandering without an aim.

The average person would have no love to contemplate on this being distasteful. But, we should learn to value the necessity to face facts since safety lies in the truth. Thus, the sooner, we know where we are heading, the faster for us to take the necessary steps for our betterment.

Law of Impermanence
Nothing in this world is stable or static. Nothing in this world can arrest the ceaseless passage of time and nothing survives time. In fact, everything, mental or physical is transitory and changing.

It is because there is change, there is growth and growth leads to decay and therefore death. This is the law that makes the strength and freshness of youth give way to the decay and weakness of old age.

Think of anything and you will find it in a condition of change. The Law of Change can be made to operate to the highest benefit for any person. By analyzing the Law of Change in respect of one’s own body and mind one acquires also a familiarity with change that death will not appear fearful and unnatural. It will appear as one more example to the process of change to which one is subject to since birth.

In conclusion
Looking at ourselves in this manner, we soon realize that this is an illusion and that we are nothing but a bundle of various elements of matter and mind, that this will keep moving on and on ceaselessly. Look backwards through time and we see the darkness of illusion we have travelled through in the past and looking forward through time we see the uncertainty of illusion we have to travel through in the future. This is one of the ways to understand the real nature of life and the universe.

- Author Unknown 

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Can Buddhism and Psychology Co-Exist

Meet a doctor who thinks you can better understand the self by destroying it.

(The video comes on after the advertisement)

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Let Us Give – Not Condemn

It is only natural that we be concerned about the welfare of other people and want to help them, but it is a rule of wisdom for the mystical student to learn to mind his own business and not interfere in the lives of others. There is considerable difference in offering to help those who are in need, and in urging others to follow our advice. We must encourage others to look within and seek their own solutions, which will bring them a much greater sense of satisfaction. Service to others must be placed in a common sense perspective. We should try always to help those who want to help themselves, but we should not do for others that which they must learn to do for themselves.

The mystical life inclines each of us to desire to give some form of service to our fellow men, but unless we are discriminating, we might try to help those who must first learn to help themselves. In our attempts at humanitarian service, we make them all the more helpless. To give encouragement and advice when sought is the only sure way of being helpful; thus we must avoid the tendency to prevent others from standing upon their own.

It is often asked, “If the Cosmic is infinite in its knowledge and power, why doesn’t it do more to help humanity?” Quite simply, the cosmic powers to whom we look for guidance are fully aware of the needs of humanity. But they cannot and do not impose their will upon mankind. They need willing souls here on Earth who will become channels for service, so that the cosmic powers can be expressed and manifested here on this plane.

Our first task is to radiate peace and love at all times, to let the harmony of the Cosmic radiate from us. This radiation from our hearts will prove to be the best form of service we can render. Our influence upon others whom we will attract will be strong and helpful because they are seeking guidance and a way to a better and more useful life. Let it be our thought to radiate the knowledge we have acquired and the inner spiritual attainments we have reached. We will attract others to us in accordance with the vibrations which emanate from within each of us, and we will be able to assist those in need in a way we little realize. A word of comfort and encouragement, a smile or a thought, is often all that is needed to help those who seek greater understanding to bear the burden that life has place upon them.

To become a channel for service to the Cosmic Powers, we must learn to radiate a spiritual consciousness in our daily life, and by our willingness to help in the smallest way, we will be prepared to assist the Cosmic in its greater endeavours.

It is through service that we truly express the soul consciousness within. As we develop and unfold the beauty of the Divine Light from within, and allow it to radiate from us, so do we express the Divine Will. The spiritual life is one of service, express the Will, the Intellect, and the Love of God in action. Whenever we devote ourselves to useful endeavours, the Divine Spirit will seek to express itself through us and use us as a channel in its plan of service to man.

Only as we devote ourselves to the interests of others will the higher forces and intelligences illuminate and inspire us in direct proportion to our unselfish services. We can do so much for others in need, with only a little effort. We do not ask that you put aside your own interests and activities; quite the contrary, we would urge you to enlarge your field of interests and activities and allow your influence to grow in these fields. All that is asked is that you radiate the Love of the Cosmic and express the desire to help and serve others.

Others will be attracted to you; and often your friendship and your helpful and encouraging advice will be all you will need to give. Your progress on the path to the highest illumination will be assured through this path of service. It will not always be straight and rewarding. Success and failure will be yours. However, only in giving do we truly receive, and to receive the things of the spiritual life, we must give the spiritual part of ourselves.

- Robert E. Daniels, F. R.C. 

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Body And Soul

There is nothing immortal or permanent about man’s physical body. Not only is it true that the man or woman of adulthood no longer has the same physical cells and elements of the body possessed when a child, but it is also true that every few weeks the various cells and parts of the body are renewed.

After transition this physical body will break down into the primary elements and lose its form, its nature, its worldly character; it will have no heritage to carry on into the future.

The soul within, however, will remain the same. It has been the same for eons of time. It is immortal and unchangeable except that it evolves in personality and individual expression or character. After transition it will still function as a personality, an individuality, despite the fact that it has thrown off a temporary robe in which it had little or no interest. We can understand, therefore, that God’s interest in us is an interest in the evolving self within and not in the human part of human constitution.

As for trials and experiences of life and any divine intervention, it must be reasonable for all students of mysticism to understand that God could unquestionably intervene in our human affairs if two principles were true; first, that God had an interest in us as human beings and in our human affairs, experiences, and sensations; and second, if the purpose of the soul within us and our spiritual existence here on earth were not for the purpose of benefiting by the experiences, lessons, trials, and tribulations of life.

If God’s intervention and interest in us were constant and in any way related to the human side of our existence, we would all lead ideal lives not only in a spiritual sense but in a mental and physical sense as well. We would never commit any errors of any kind and therefore, never suffer any sorrows or pains, spiritually, mentally, or physically. We would never become diseased and we would never strive to overcome temptations in life for there would be no temptations that could successfully tempt us. We would never seek to attain anything higher for there could be nothing higher than such an ideal life under God’s intervention and direction, and we would find that the divine intervention was defeating the purpose for which the soul was incarnated on earth.

- Author Unknown 

Monday, 16 November 2009

Our Daily Crises

Today we seem to face more crises than ever before. Not only are we assaulted by crisis on the international scene, but with national and community crises also. Our own personal crises also press in upon us from time to time and give us pause to wonder why life should be so difficult for many, and what the causes are for these daily crises.

The cycles of cosmic influence have been accelerating for several years, bringing many changes in every aspect of life. Quite frequently the changes take the form of one crisis or another. However, if we look back over the years we will realize that we have passed through many crises of various types, and inwardly we are little the worse for them. We are perhaps even better prepared for the future and often much the wiser for the experience.

Our own personal crises of a more intimate nature are of greatest concern to us. Each crisis must be faced and dealt with to the best of our abilities. These crises do not confront us because we are mystical students who do not run with the masses, but because our increasing inner aspirations draw circumstances and conditions to us which act as a kind of test to all we hold dear. They test our resolve and determination to proceed on the upward path of life. These personal crises, which we all have to face periodically, are in many ways quite different from the usual worldly crises which constantly repeat themselves. Our own crises are always new and challenging; they reveal and often startle, but cannot be avoided because we have evoked them. By critical analysis, we can gain much insight from those personal crises which in the main involve our relationship with others.


Various people cross our path in life. Some have a great influence upon us, while others, we influence ourselves, but there is usually one person who will have a major effect upon our lives – the result of karmic conditions established in our past. Many times our hopes and wishes are thwarted, and we feel we cannot always achieve our aims and are held back from our attainments. In such instances, our karmic relationships are of great value to us, and we should not seek to separate ourselves from them, but try to realize the great value of these association by viewing them with an inner perspective. Such persons are given to us in order that we may work out and fulfil our destiny in this life.

Quite often a student of mysticism will meet with some opposition and criticism because of his new-found interest in the mystical life. Relatives or good friend show an indifference and opposition to his desire for personal advancement and improvement, and the student feels reluctant to be the cause of disharmony to those closest to him. But surely he must exercise his need for freedom of thought. His friends have every right to follow what they believe, and he must sooner or later take a stand to pursue those interest and that knowledge which will free him from the bondage of the past.

Once we develop that temper of mind which accepts any challenge with a sense of determination to succeed in any goals or desire for achievement, we can be assured of the highest attunement in the mystical life. The same determined attitude will also enable us to face our daily crises with a sense of confidence that we can deal with any difficulty with greater understanding and purpose.

Our lives revolve around the lives of others, and we who are sometimes stronger because of our mystical insights must share our strength and the comfort of a loving heart with those around us – particularly family friends, who often do not have the advantage of such mystical insight. We must learn to share the best of ourselves with others, because we share in their individual karma and their lives are part of our own. We must stand firm in our beliefs, for the influence of a loving and determined heart will prove to be a great blessing to others and enable us to see more clearly the way to resolve our individual crises and to understand their value to our onward progress.

- By Robert E Daniels 

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Cosmic Patterns

Our role in life is to become a part in the new patterns, ones not experienced previously. The old habits we have formed, that have been pushed back in the drawers of time, can’t be made to fit in with the colours and style of the times to come. The drawers we have used in our lives hold just so much. We can’t cram in more until we remove something – although that act can be painful. Many customs dear to our hearts, that we have long cherished, have to be thrown out. That is the often painful lesson we fret about today.

Most of us are born with the weakness of looking backward too much, and not enough forward. Notice a mother walking with her small child, while holding him by the hand. The youngster stumble because his head is turned to see what he has passed instead of what lies ahead. We all are God’s children – we look to the past, and it is God’s hand that leads us into the unknown. We stumble into new field of learning.

Knowledge is that something we absorb from the outside of ourselves, a mental development. The seed of knowledge form an inner growth we call wisdom. With the wisdom we can channel knowledge into productive use.

In life there are many levels, or treads of understanding. We have no way of knowing how long a time we will spend on one tread – there is no set time. Some people are content to take matters as they come and have to be led into the future. Others are curious about what lies ahead and there is no holding back. We learn by our interest and progressiveness the privilege of stepping up to the next tread.

Under no circumstances should those people on other levels be looked down upon. They are learning the lessons presented to them. They may be on the pathway that leads to the stairway. Even so, somewhere they will be attracted to a bright object that reflects a light from above. A new consciousness enters in when they see the light. Isn’t that the purpose of life on Earth? These souls are not lost and never have been, as each and every one is a part of God.

We may be like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle; regardless of age. When we fit in, we fulfil a purpose. All forms of life are the organs of God, cells serving in different kingdoms but in one body. Wars and terrorism are the result of diseased cells living out of harmony. But they will be eventually cast out, forced to live some of their former life cycles over again so as to learn a better way of life. And in the discarding of the imperfect, we become part of anew pattern that is more beautiful and in harmony with the Cosmic.

- by Everett E Bishop 

The higher the hill we climb, the broader view we get of what life is all about. - by Everett E Bishop 

Friday, 13 November 2009

Cause Of Psychic Inharmony

The psychic body is always affected by the physical body that encloses it. We must bear in mind that the physical body is like a shield or an armour that surrounds the psychic body and acts as a neutralizing medium between the psychic body and the cosmic vibrations around us. Therefore when the psychical body is not well, it affects the physic body and when the physic body is not well, it will affect the physical body.

However, the principal effect upon the psychic body that causes it to get out of harmony with the Cosmic is the influence of our brain and emotions. Thoughts of anger, hatred, enmity, jealousy, or any other unkind, unpleasant or destructive thought, greatly affects the psychic body because the emotional part of our nature is part of the psychic system and very closely connected with it.

In fact, we cannot have any emotional experience without its reaction upon the psychic body. Joyful, pleasant, happy, constructive emotions, or thrills are like tonics to the psychic body. They fill it with strength and help to attune it with the Cosmic. Every time we have a pleasant thrill through doing some altruistic, kind, or loving act for someone else, or even for ourselves, we are toning the psychic body to its highest cosmic pitch. That is why we have to keep cheerful, happy, joyous, and at peace. 

When the brain and emotional activities of the human body are at peace, there is a maximum amount of harmony existing between the psychic body and the Cosmic. Emotions that are the reverse of these produce a reverse effect. Five minutes of anger, with the temper and nervous system strained to its utmost, throws the psychic system out of harmony; it is like throwing the balance wheel of a clock off its pivot. The whole machinery of the human system is thus thrown out of balance and there is complete disharmony with immediate actions and reactions that are detrimental.

The worst thoughts and worst emotional effects are those resulting from concealed or long-harboured enmities and thoughts that do not express themselves outwardly very often but are help deeply in the nature. Usually this deep-seated destructive sensation is one of jealousy or enmity. 

It would be far better if the emotion was of an explosive nature and came out in a few minutes of anger and then was done forever. Holding it within the system for days, weeks, months, or years is like holding a slow poison in the system that is constantly doing its damage.

On the other hand, deceitful or wilfully planned acts of injustice or acts lacking mercy and love have their reaction upon the psychic body also. The man who plans to cheat someone out of a small amount of money or out of some just debt or some benefit that should go to another person and succeeds in carrying it out may feel victorious in what he has gained but he has injured his psychic body by it just as though he had fired a revolver shot through the entire psychic system and injured it in a physical sense. The person who tells a falsehood about another and causes him an injury, a loss, a worry, or a pain of a serious nature has injured his own psychic system far more seriously than he has injured the other person.

This is the sort of thing that throws the psychic body out of harmony with the Cosmic, and there is only one way in which the psychic body can be brought back to a normal condition: first, by getting out of the human mind and human emotions any hidden or concealed destructive emotions or thoughts; and second, by changing the attitude to joy and peace, universal love and kindness, and making some compensation for any recent injury that has been done to another.

If the physical body needs purging to get rid of poisons in it, certainly the psychic part needs the same thing, if not more often.

Whatever may be your illness, physical or mental, whatever may be your problem in life, remember that the first step is to get in attunement with the Cosmic. The secondary step should be a true housecleaning of the emotional and psychic part of your nature. Purge yourself of all emotions and thoughts and especially deeply hidden thoughts, that maybe destructive, unkind or inharmonious. Try to get your soul filled with sunshine, with laughter. 

People who enjoy humour and have a keen sense of humour are usually free of any deeply concealed or destructive emotions. They are usually ready to laugh and smile at even the person who injures them. They never express resentment and they see the happy, sunshiny, glorious side of life that is as full of fun and laughter as it can be. Let sunshine fill your soul and you will keep yourself cosmically attuned; then any illness or physical abnormality that may come to your physical body because of any momentary inharmonious condition will be wiped out by the next moment’s abundance of cosmic attunement.

- Author Unknown 

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Attracting Success

The successful life is one which we all aspire, according to our own understanding of success. No two persons’ ideas of success are the same. Certain elements in our live enable us to regard success from different points of view; however, many people have a completely wrong conception of what constitutes success. Great wealth does not necessarily denote success. Even the achievement of many goals and attainments does not necessarily mean that an individual is successful. Some people have achieved a great deal of success in the business and professional world, and yet, because they have failed to achieve some particular desire, they still consider themselves unsuccessful. Others who have achieved some goal or worthwhile aim consider themselves quite successful, but they would not necessarily be considered such in the eyes of some. Certain individuals have overcome many obstacles in their lives, but may not have attained any material or financial success. Yet, in a real sense, they are extremely successful people. Having overcome many obstacles and achieved many personal goals, they are truly successful in their own eyes. The measure of one’s success is a deeply personal thing, and differs greatly from one person to another.


Many people consider themselves failures in life because they set such high goals that they are impossible to achieve. They are not realistic in their aims and ambitions, and therefore consider themselves failures. Real success is found in setting goals and ideas consistent with the desires of the inner self; goals and ideals inconsistent with the inner self will bring no satisfaction, even when attained. In order to be successful in life and to achieve any worthwhile goal or ideal, a high ideal, a high degree of self-discipline is required, as well as a real understanding of what we desire and the method and technique of achieving it.

We need to realize that we are already successful in many things we do each day. We are successful in our daily tasks because we practice them at regular intervals. By regular practice of certain techniques, we can be successful in anything we desire to do, even though the success we desire is, in some ways, an intangible element.

The whole system of man is geared for success. Failure is usually due to a lack of practice and understanding of the principles involved. Once these are properly understood, they can be mastered and our goals successfully achieved. We have the knowledge that other people have been successful in thee same goals; therefore, we should realize that we too can be successful if we are prepared to apply ourselves to the task.

We are creative beings. We have the technique and ability to create something by our thoughts and visualized ideals. We may not fully understand how the process works, but we do know from experience that this process will work successfully in any goal we seek to achieve, as long as we fulfil the conditions required.

Confidence Is Important 

First of all, we must have confidence that whatever goal we are seeking can be achieved. Without this confidence, we should not even attempt to achieve our desired goal. Then, we must acquaint ourselves as thoroughly and as fully as possible with our goal. We must have a real understanding of that which we seek. Subsequently, we must set about making preparations for the achievement of that goal by our creative process of mind. This creative process is done through the process of concentration and visualization. In the process of visualization, we must create the object of our desire in such a way that it becomes real to us, as if we have already attained this particular goal.

To be truly successful in this achievement, however, the goal or desire must be consistent with the desires of the inner self. We must have the emotional feeling and confidence to attain and achieve this goal. The goal we are seeking to fulfil must not be just a wish, a hope, or a thought, but rather a real, deep inner commitment, an intense desire of the inner self, of the emotional part of man. The final step is to repeat this process at least two or three times a day, for a period of several days or a few weeks. The real desire must be part of the inner self, and not lie on the surface of the mind as a mere wish or hope. Once a goal becomes an intense desire of the inner self, and with the confidence that it is already achieved, we can be successful in our hopes of achievement.

Success is attracted to us when our desires become expressed as desires of the inner self. By our attitude we attract to ourselves the conditions and circumstances we need by either a positive or negative field of attraction. Therefore, we must be sure our thought and mental attitude is a positive and constructive one, for this will ensure success and happiness. 

Obviously, if our desire is to become a great musician or artist, or professional healer – such as a doctor – we must undertake a proper course of instruction to achieve such a goal. However, our success will be achieved in these desires primarily because we have set in motion certain cosmic principles which make it possible to attain our goals. Events and circumstances are brought about in our lives that lead us to what we desire. There is no magic way whereby, through the agency of the Cosmic, our desire is miraculously brought about. Rather, the ways and means for us to achieve these goals is revealed to us, step by step.

The student of mysticism will often express the view that he has no material desires, and therefore has no use for these techniques in achieving success in his daily life. He forgets, though, that these are the very tools he needs to be of service to others. Without his mastery of the art of visualization, concentration and the directing of the spiritual will that gradually awakens in the mystical student, he will be of little use to the Cosmic in bringing about changes for the benefit of mankind. The Masters themselves use these very techniques to achieve the good they do, but it is not necessary that the student wait for some future event in order to acquire a mastery of these basic techniques. No, indeed, it is only by practicing these very techniques daily that he will learn to master them for good purposes in the future. His desires for attainment need not be selfish ones, but should always involve the interests of others, and also those of the community in which he lives.

The true mystics are always men and women of action; they are not theorists. Idealists they may be, but they are truly men and women of action. Whenever their services are needed, their action takes place on the mental, psychic, and spiritual planes, as well as on the material plane. Therefore, these basic techniques, are of vital importance in the mystical life of the student. He should strive to see and visualize himself from the ideal point of view. This procedure will invoke certain karmic forces on his behalf and gradually initiate the student into the proper training he needs to develop his mystical qualities, which will be evoked by a sincere and aspiring heart.

Success in the world will be a real preparation for service to others. Ask yourself who you would select for some important service to be rendered on behalf of others – the one who merely wishes and hopes, or the one who truly aspires and prepares and gains real experience in his day-to-day activities? Obviously, the Cosmic Intelligence will always use the most suitable vehicle for its work. Remember, all studentship is training and preparation for service.

Therefore, we urge you to use these principles to attain any worthwhile goals for a more successful life. The abundance of the Cosmic awaits you, and for you to share it with others. By making these principles work, they thereby demonstrate to others, beyond any doubt, the efficacy of the principles and their real usefulness in the world today. The happiness you desire and pursue will be yours to experience and share with others for a greater and more successful life.

- Robert E Daniels 

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Cycles Of Preparation

Our soul prepares us to use and understand the present cycles for our future cycles. It is the soul’s nature to move forward through these cycles of preparation. Our soul seeks and expresses itself through a prepared consciousness.

A spiritual disciple becomes aware of the importance of preparing upon the invisible planes of life through meditation, contemplation, and service. We, as mystics, set energy into motion that can produce the right reaction at the right time. Instead of becoming victims of our environment and external forces, each of us, through free will, sows what we will reap. Such preparation should be relaxed and carried out with inner understanding; it is one of the best ways of attunement with our life’s purpose.

As we study the many different cycles of nature which affect us, we become conscious of the cycles of preparation. We observe that every cycle of life is actually preparing us to deal with growth, expansion, and unlimited good. Things both seen and unseen cooperate with this unfolding drama of life. While we might delay things upon the psychological levels, we must still deal with them all in due time. The more defined our preparation, the more effective we will be.

From physical birth through transition we are always preparing for our next cycles of life. Yet we can waste our time and energy in many ways, thus delaying our plans. But in due time the soul must do what it came to do. Each of us has a responsibility to ourselves to progress and learn.

All the concepts of health and prosperity deal with cycles of right preparation. Our states of health, happiness, and prosperity depend on our cooperation with these important cycles. If our life is not yielding its fullness, then something is amiss in our understanding and application of the cycles of preparation. We can study the finest books and concepts in the world, but until we do take action for preparation, we will not reach our full potential.

The manner in which we think and use our time and energy – today – is important in our tomorrows. We can begin to work towards the spiritual and material good that is waiting for us. How much unlimited good we actually reap is literally up to each of us. Our mind and thoughts are so important to our total future, and it is here that our first order of business is set into motion. Our thoughts and actions must agree with the direction of our soul … to avoid mixed, confused, and delayed reactions.

If any of our problems are being repeated, such as the same psychological pain or a business problem, then we know that inadequate preparation is the real cause. When we prepare for our expanded good in peace and love, then this peace and its results must come.

In our life there are rich opportunities to set into motion the good we seek. Many wonderful unseen opportunities allow this energy to create the needed action. We need to take advantage of the daily opportunities. If we will take time in our lives to prepare, through thoughts, words, and simple actions, we can progress and begin to unfold a far greater life of health and abundance than we have ever experienced. 

All spiritual progression is built on the law of preparation! Our present thoughts bring forth the good of the future. It is the effort that we use that counts. Definite preparation will yield definite results. We will not only do ourselves a favour, but we will inspire others.

Study, meditation, and service prepare each of us to better understand and express the purpose for our life. How well we use our time, energy, and actions at this time can bring into our life great peace, light, and love.

- Author Unknown 

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Growth In Consciousness

It is only natural in our spiritual growth and development that we should pause from time to time in order to solidify the knowledge we have gained and assess our progress and its usefulness to ourselves and others. It is during these times that we can entertain doubts and reservations about the value and purpose of what we may have accomplished or the lack of progress we sometimes feel. Such pauses on the path are quite necessary. We cannot always be led by the hand to the highest attainment of life, but must assess our own inner strengths and weaknesses in order to begin a new spiral of progress toward a goal we cannot always see.

Inwardly, we know and realize how much lies before us and what necessary sacrifices we will have to make to achieve the goal of the spiritual life. And so we pause to gather strength before moving onward, sometimes in a new direction for a period, only to return later, refreshed and encouraged in the good work we seek to achieve.

Life is the great teacher. Much lies within us awaiting recognition and expression, but this unfoldment must come in its own time and in its own way. Progress on the path is not always straight and uneventful. It consists of those experiences we all need to unfold the best that lies within, and reveals those traits of character needing to be improved and moulded to a new and finer expression through the trails of life – to the point where we may say that the qualities of our character are worthy of emulation by others.

Development on the mystical path does not come by leaps and bounds, but in the hourly and daily progress we make and by viewing our experiences from the wiser insights of a spiritual consciousness.

We are all more spiritual than we realize. If we persist in the path we have chosen we will receive the help and guidance we need from the cosmic forces on the inner side of life. We must accept that the help we need awaits our loving and determined appeal.

If we believe that we are progressing toward a more spiritual life, we must accept that service to others is paramount to that progress. We will have the inspiration and encouragement of those who have gone before us on this same path as well as feel the association of thousands who are treading this path along with us.

Never let yourself be daunted or feel despair; the inner life may mean sacrifice of some things you would like to have or achieve on the material plane, but the rewards of the spiritual life are so remarkable, so joyful and fulfilling, that no words can adequately describe their true beauty and significance. Therefore be resolved that no matter what the trial or tribulation or how hard the task, however heavy the burden, you will persist to the next level in your personal evolution, for there is but one path for you and the higher powers are watching awaiting your arrival. 

Our greatest progress made when we consciously build towards the higher levels of consciousness, and in so doing our state of awareness is more greatly expanded. Consciousness is developed step by step through our daily experiences, the trails and difficulties we experience provide the opportunity for our growth in consciousness. Our reactions to happy and pleasurable events also have a marked effect upon us depending upon how we react to them.

Accepting adversity gracefully, and not allowing our thoughts and emotions to become negative when faced with criticism and annoying events, builds a higher consciousness. It is when things go wrong or against our wishes that we face the opportunity to achieve a growth of our consciousness by closing the door on any negative thoughts and being determined to hold a positive and constructive outlook upon the events of our daily life.

Life is a challenge to think and do the best we know how when faced with any event, and how we succeed determines whether we have grown a little wiser in dealing positively with these difficult circumstances. Of course, many of life’s difficulties will soon disappear once our attitude towards them undergoes a change.

The focus of our attention must be adjusted if we experience many trails and problems each day, for when we see ourselves and others as spiritual beings and that the purpose of life is to grow in spiritual consciousness, we become aware that the events and experiences making up our daily life are the results of our past negative thoughts and actions. If we want a better, more enjoyable life, and happiness and contentment, then we must change the focus of our attention and strive to correct any negative thoughts before they happen to become an accepted part of our belief.

The spiritual life, one where our minds are drawn more to higher things and less to the mundane, will result in a growth of consciousness which will allow us to deal more successfully and efficiently with all our material affairs, making for greater happiness and success in whatever we undertake.

- Author unknown 

Monday, 9 November 2009

Phases Of Growth

Change is a universal law. It is a function of the cosmic forces that make the universe. Therefore, if man is to live in accord with a universal purpose and try to fit into this great scheme of which he is a part, he must also become a participant in the universal change and the growth that apparently accompanies it.

Man should devote himself to understanding something about the change that take place about him, so that he in turn can be more closely related to the universal forces which are causing the changes and the manifestations of which he is a part, and with which he is to grow in understanding.

An individual who wishes to understand change wishes also to grow. A desire to understand is an indication of the individual’s desire to seek, and as a result of his seeking to find. Those who are really driven by a desire to find will try every possibility that opens before them. Even if their searches lead them up blind alleys, or cause them to inquire into cults that may not have particular principles or ideals to recommend them, at least these individuals may come closer to attaining something than those who do nothing or stubbornly follow a conventional set of regulations, laws, or dogmas that have become a part of the inheritance of man.

The individual who does nothing but comply with the principles and ideas that have been established in the past without questioning them, without investigating as to whether they fit the situation of the current age, is doing little to direct himself toward the understanding of the principles of change that take place about him.

Process of Change 

Evolution and progress are taking place. In the general sense, we can assume that progress is the principle of universal forces tending toward a return or consolidation with the original cosmic forces that cause the universe to be and to function.

Evolution, on the other hand, is the trend of all forms of life to move toward betterment, in the sense that betterment is defined as adjusting more closely to the laws of the universe and therefore reaching a point where life would be in harmony with these laws.

Man is to evolve – evolve in understanding, in wisdom, and in his relationship with the divine or psychic force that transcends the immediate physical universe. This type of evolution challenges the attributes with which man is born and constantly directs him to inquire into his own nature and into the nature of the universal scheme of which he is a part.

To be able to give a real meaning to life, evolution and progress must be viewed from a cosmic rather than an earthly point of view. The cosmic scheme is a vast scheme encompassing the entire universe and all life that was ever manifest in it and ever will be. The earthly, individual point of view is the conclusion reached by our day-to-day analysis. It is very true that our concept of change as being progressive might be difficult to completely grasp if our standard of measure is in terms of our objective understanding of day-to-day situations.

Change is taking place through reincarnation – life manifest in a body for a time and then after a period manifest again in another body. Evolution and progress are taking place over the whole vast scope of reincarnation. It is difficult for us to pinpoint and analyze any manifestation or even gain objective awareness of the meaning of change as it affects our life at this particular moment.

To refuse to acknowledge advancement for the universal scheme and for the human race is to hide from the facts, or from the intent of the creator. It is like the larva which tries to remain in its cocoon instead of being released to grow into its next stage. If the moth or butterfly in its life development spent its entire span of life as a larva in a cocoon, it would be nothing. It can become a thing of beauty, as a butterfly or a moth, if and when the proper changes take place. If we can assign to the cocoon-like state of such an insect a human intelligence, we can imagine that during the period it is confined to the cocoon it must believe that there is neither purpose in the universe nor a future form of life. There is only darkness, rest, and nothingness for all time.

The experience of living is needed if we are to absorb the nature of our being. This inner nature is the manifestation of the inner self, which is the vehicle for the consciousness of the soul. Each incarnation contributes to the evolvement of the personality of the soul, that is to the awareness of the nature of the soul. To the point where personality as a function of the soul, just as consciousness is a function of the body, can become a part of the total awareness of the individual, the individual becomes conscious of his place in this vast universal system of change.

Each incarnation is a link in a chain that contributes to the evolvement of the personality of the soul until ultimately it becomes one with Divine Consciousness. But during the process, during the period of evolution, if we can use that term rather loosely to apply to man’s psychic, mental, and physical growth, all that man experiences of universal change are then experiences that he himself must face and with which he must cope and eventually understand if he is to reach a level that will bring him closer to divine comprehension.

Going It Alone 

Birth, illumination, and transition, three of the most important events of all man’s experience, are purely personal experiences. We each must face them and experience them alone. We cannot share with another entity or another personality the experience of birth, illumination, or transition. This is a manifestation of the phase of man’s association with the changing universe. He has to go through these processes alone, and it is only while he is in other steps of evolvement that he may study and prepare himself so that these profound experiences of his being will be meaningful.

If our understanding at the moments of birth, illumination, and transition are not meaningful or are incomplete, it is clear evidence of the fact that our evolvement has not reached the point where we grasp the potentialities and meaning of those great events. Our challenge today is to prepare ourselves so that when we next experience one of these events we will comprehend it, and the meaning will be significant, so that it will impress upon the soul as a permanent memory or permanent effect, but rather as a conscious interlude within our own being, upon which we can draw in future lives and in future incarnations.

Life’s process is such that in order to gain the ability to understand the vast scope of man’s growth and evolvement, we must assimilate knowledge and experience, and in the assimilation of these important steps, we gain, so that when the next major experience of life takes place, it will have significance in terms of our background of understanding.

Man faces with trepidation the great significant points of his life – birth, illumination, and transition – because he has not been consciously aware of the experiences, as they have take place in the past.

If man is to learn to grasp the significance of such experiences, he must live so as to prepare his mind to be aware of all conditions that exist in and about him, to expand both his objective understanding and his psychic ability. In a sense, this is the purpose of life. It is a purpose to which man dedicates himself when he tries to learn. Many of us probably held back our own advancement by simply not being aware of the importance of experiences that were taking place.

In living, man must associate himself with other forms of life and with the media in which he lives. He must not only learn to be aware of his inner self and the importance of psychic growth and the awareness of his soul, but he must also learn to live in a physical universe and give proper importance and significance to physical phenomena. And he must also learn that the important fact of experience in living is to always maintain balance and harmony between the extremes. This causes man to be constantly in a state of adjustment; that is, he should be adjusting to the change that is the continuity of life. In this adjustment, and in the process of the assimilation of knowledge and experience, man will need to make decisions. As a result, each individual constantly makes judgments of what takes place, judgments as to the significance of the situations that are a part of his experience and environment.

These judgments help formulate character, which is the true picture of each of us. As we reach conclusions based upon the knowledge and experience that is ours, the judgments, like building blocks, tend to create a total character, which in turn will reflect within our inner experiences. We must beware of judgments that are without foundation and remember that opinions differ from judgments. An opinion is just a passing fancy, sometimes based upon lack of realization and understanding. Human judgment, bases upon opinions, has the power of good or evil, because the imagination behind the judgment can result in the behaviour that follows after the judgment is reached. Human judgment give rise only to human law, to finite conclusions, and to error, which judgments that are base upon the total faculties of man, both physical and psychic, can give rise to an apprehension of cosmic law, in contrast to finite law. Such judgment will lead us toward the infinite and toward perfection.

Harmony and balance are attained through the ability of the individual to realize that change exists, and that it manifests in many ways. The universe is a process of continuous change, and we must gain by reconciling the invisible with the visible and the psychic with the physical. We must never lose sight of the fact that both exist and that each human being has an interest in both areas of existence.

Our challenge for eventual growth and understanding of universal change is to develop our attributes, both physical and psychic, to the point where we can benefit and understand to a degree every experience and be prepared for the great individual ones that will lead us toward greater cosmic understanding.

- Extracted from the article Phases of Growth by Cecil A. Poole 

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Story Telling Time

              One day the first grade teacher was reading the story of the Three Little Pigs to her class. She came to the part of the story where the first pig was trying to accumulate the building materials for his home. 
              She read, “.…. And so the pig went up to the man with the wheelbarrow full of straw and said, ‘Pardon me sir, but may I have some of that straw to build my house?’”
              The teacher paused then asked the class, “And what do you think that man said?”
              One little boy raised his hand and said, “I think he said, ‘Holy Shit! A talking pig!’”

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Realizing A Desire

There are three steps for soliciting divine or cosmic assistance in realizing a desire.

1) When seeking a desired result, visualize it precisely. 
2) Consign the want and its specifications to the cosmic “system” – and then dismiss it. 
3)Follow up and collaborate, but without interfering.

It is well to consider carefully just what you want. But that cannot go on forever. The best you can think of today might be improved tomorrow, but today you have to say ‘go’ and dismiss it. Tomorrow you can again say ‘go’ with improved specifications and, remarkably enough, today’s effort will not have been wasted.

If a desire and its specifications are not dismissed into the cosmic system, the most detailed visualization may bring no result. The objective is not to wallow in enjoyment of a mental picture of the desire fulfilled, but to put it into the works for fulfilment.

Several common hang-ups work against this principle. One is the idea that dismissing something desirable means giving up on it, or giving it up. Dismissing a visualization does mean letting go of it – not to give it up, but to send it on its way to fulfilment. When you place a letter in a postal drop box, you have to let go and entrust it to the postal system. If you hang on, it will never go anywhere or accomplish anything. It is much the same with this second step in realizing a desire; you entrust it to the cosmic system.

A second hang up is a popular idea about “holding the thought”, as though the result will come about only by constant will power or thought pressure. Again, in mailing a letter you need not throw it into the mailbox with enough force to carry it right on to its destination; nor do you have to keep pushing on it. You drop it altogether – making sure it drops into the postal system.

Holding and cherishing a thought has its uses and benefits, as in contemplation, or as a deliberate substitute for some other fearful or depressing thought. But in creative visualization such constant attention obstructs fulfilment. In the same way, gnawing constantly at some problem does not often bring the solution. A common experience is for the solution to pop into your mind after you have put the problem aside for a time or slept on it.

It is possible to make an event of such dismissal, even have a ritual for it; but the important thing is to let go and turn to something else that demands conscious attention. One form of dismissal is, “If it be the will of the Cosmic (or of the Masters), it is done!” Since it is done, do not try to do any more with it – not today. Now is the time to stand aside and let it work out. (These same principle are also important in healing.)

This standing aside, getting oneself out of the way, is the first point in collaboration. In the same way, if you summon the fire department or a rescue squad, they ask you to stand aside so they can do what must be done.

Another thing everyone can do in connection with his desire is to make a place for it in his life. Cosmic forces work through ordinary people and things, not through a fairy godmother or a magic wand. In the process of actualising a desire, if some phase of it must be accomplished by human hands, then somebody’s hands must be inspired to do it.

Typically a desire does not materialize suddenly in a lump sun; rather it comes about by leading or bending circumstances a bit here, there, and elsewhere so that in the end a new circumstance is ready to crystallize. If one is alert to clues and cues, one may be able to help it along and see it coming, and at least one can be in on it when it does come. How tragic if my desire materialize but I did not see it, or did not recognize the opportunity when I saw it!

Such collaboration is expectant, but does not interfere. It is not like, “Very well; I will do it myself.” It is not cancelling or recalling the desire from the cosmic system to which it was entrusted. True, one may be able to do a few things that help to bring it about. But how was one inspired to do those things, and to know how and what to do? The final point in collaborating is to acknowledge the workings of the “higher law” when we call upon it. When unexpected coincidences help out, we salute them gaily and thankfully, not belittling them.

A droll story with a double edge. A hunter who had been lost in the woods was telling another how he prayed to God to show him the way out. Did God answer his prayer? “Well, no,” he said; “before God got around to it, another hunter happened to come along who knew the way, and I just followed him.” 

The way you take this story may depend on the extent of your experience in realizing desires with cosmic assistance.

- Author Unknown 

Friday, 6 November 2009

Developing the Inner Self

Each of us occasionally experiences some emotional upset to which it is difficult to adjust. We become completely vulnerable to our own negative feelings. In addition, many people who have little or no spiritual awareness suffer all the more under emotional stress because they have nowhere to turn to find the comfort and consolation they inwardly desire and seek.

It is our inner consciousness which comes to our aid in times of sorrow, grief, and despondency. It soothes and comforts us, and brings that consolation which gives peace and solace to our troubled hearts and minds. That consolation can come only to those who have developed their inner awareness to some degree. The Inner Self, the Master Within, is always ready to comfort, inspire, and guide us. But we in turn must allow the inner self to express itself in its own way, so that we may meet the problems of the day with deeper insight and understanding, and thus overcome many of life’s obstacles.

A bridge between the outer and inner self 

We have to build a bridge between the outer self and the inner self, in order that the power and efficacy of the inner spiritual self can be expressed in our objective consciousness in the form of inspiration and guidance. In times of emotional stress, the inner self will envelop the outer consciousness with feelings of peace and comfort, but only to the degree that the bridge between the outer and inner selves has been developed.

Many people fail to adjust to life’s trying problems because they endeavour to solve their difficulties purely by means of their intellect and reason. They neglect, or ignore, the wisdom of the inner self and as a result, failed to master life’s problems. If they could only realize that the inner self is ever available as a wise companion, they would begin today to cultivate a closer and more intimate association with their inner consciousness. But how do we build this association between the inner and outer selves?

The development of our psychic consciousness is one of the keys to the blending of the outer self with the divine consciousness within. By practicing those exercise which develop our psychic consciousness and the faculty of intuition, we gradually allow the soul force within to express itself in the form of hunches, intuition, and inspiration. Particularly at times when we under great stress, we can turn to the inner self for comfort and guidance. However, we should not make the mistake of believing that the inner self will do our thinking for us. We still must make every effort to solve our daily problems by using our reasoning and thinking powers. Our intuition will act as a form of superior judgment, helping us to avoid mistakes and accidents, and yet giving us the freedom to choose by use of our reasoning.

Cosmic Consciousness 

An important point to consider in this form of development is that when we have fully developed the inner self, we will attain Cosmic Consciousness, or complete awareness of the Cosmic. Therefore we must think in terms of development over a long period of time, possibly many lifetimes. However, the results of development are always in proportion to the effort made. As soon as we begin these psychic exercises, results will begin to be noticed in the form of intuitive insights into our daily problems.

We should also realize that to develop our realization of the Divine Consciousness within us is not merely a matter of practicing certain exercises for psychic unfoldment. It is important that our character and behaviour undergo certain changes and refinements. In a sense, development must be threefold.

First, we should develop our intellectual comprehension, knowledge, and mental acumen. The mind must be developed to its greatest capacity. Second, our psychic consciousness must be gradually unfolded, preferably through exercises, which allow for a balanced unfoldment of all our psychic faculties. And finally, we must regulate our behaviour to conform to the highest good we know, and to evolve our character so that it reflects the dictates or our advancing soul consciousness. Again, we are speaking of development over a long period, but it can be accomplished when we keep in mind the goal to which we aspire.

If we merely read and study without practicing the teachings which are given, then our development will be retarded in many aspects. The most valuable unfoldment of all faculties takes place when we balance the mental, psychic and spiritual parts of our being.

We should therefore establish for ourselves a program of simple exercises which, if performed regularly over a period of time, will bring the greatest benefits to us. We will know that our development is slow but sure, and we will be able to meet all events of the day, no matter how trying, with insight and composure. We will derive much more happiness from life because most of our problems will be easily mastered. We will gain much more insight into the problems plaguing our society, and see solutions that others have failed to see. We will be more endeared to our friends. But in times of trouble and emotional stress, the cosmic powers within us will bring comfort and consolation so we may bear any difficult burden.

The problem of today’s society is that people have nowhere to turn in their difficulties, since they have ignored the promptings of the inner self and rely solely on their own intellectual resources, which are cold comfort in times of sorrow. Nevertheless, the time must come for each individual when he must awaken to the promptings of the inner self and take the first steps along the mystical path. Until that time, we must be ready to offer what assistance we can to those who are searching for a deeper meaning to life. Therefore, the more prepared we are by virtue of our studies, the more valuable will be our service. And that preparation should comprise the threefold aspect of our being.

The art of concentration is, of cause, fundamental to all our exercises, yet is often misunderstood. Briefly defined, concentration is a state in which the objective consciousness is focused on one point, place, or condition. Concentration is not merely focalizing attention. The secret is in allowing the inner self to become completely absorbed in the object one’s concentration, by making four of the sense faculties dormant. It is a passive condition, not an active one.

Another important exercise is visualization, which many members have difficulty achieving. The main problem some members have is that after they are unsuccessful a few times, they give up. The art consists in creating and building a picture on the screen of consciousness so accurately that you see it, feel it, and sense it in every way. Then you pass the image into the Cosmic, dismissing it from your mind. This is the method by which we create the things and conditions we want to establish in our lives, so it is a technique that we should strive to master, for upon it will depend much of our success in life.

Perhaps the most important exercise for bridging the gap between the objective mind and the inner self is meditation. In meditation, we transform our consciousness to a passive and receptive state where the inner self can impress its influence upon our objective faculties. We cannot just still our minds and expect an influx of divine wisdom. We have to raise our consciousness step-by-step to a point where the Divine Consciousness can impinge itself upon our open and receptive mind. It is a sacred process. We have to approach the Cosmic in purity and truth. There must be a sanctity of mind. This is where many failed in their meditations: Having an academic, or analytical approach, they failed to attune their minds to the Comic.

When the need is greatest, and the outer mind is in turmoil, then the Cosmic will often impinge itself upon us, bringing consolation and a feeling of peace even during our deepest sorrow. In a sense, this reveals that while we must be completely passive in meditation, we also must feel a passion or great love for the Cosmic. An empty heart will bring little or no results, but if in our hearts there is a great love for the Cosmic – a love that grows as we become more successful in our meditations – then we will have created a condition which will make us more receptive to the influence of the Cosmic Consciousness residing in each of us. By the regular practice of these simple exercises in concentration, visualization, and meditation, we will know that we are rapidly becoming the masters of lives, and our influence on society will be a valuable contribution in these troubled times.

- Extracted from the article Developing the Inner Self by Robert E. Daniels 

Thursday, 5 November 2009

What Is Reality?

Reality changes for us according to our realization. It is not exactly the same for other as it is for each of us. This invites a corollary that we are in some ways responsible for our own realities.

In many paranormal events we see the intrusion of extra ordinary reality into the midst of this ordinary reality. A dowser for example, might reach outside the scope of ordinary reality in order to find water, but the water that he finds is here, not in some other world of reality. 

A healer might reached into another range of realization to accomplish his purpose, but the results appear in the health of physical bodies here, in this familiar world. 

Foreknowledge of the future, or precognition reaches into circumstances that are neither accessible to, nor compatible with, ordinary reality; but what is perceived becomes bona fide reality in the future.

- Author Unknown 

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Determinism vs. Free Will

It is an age-old question, of course, and down through human history man has wondered to what extent he is free, and to what extent his moods and actions, and his very thoughts are governed or determined by things and forces beyond his control.

In the seventeenth to nineteenth centuries, there was a school of thought that held itself to be deterministic. The determinists felt that the molecules in nature ran their course according to inalterable laws, and as the atoms of our body moved, our mind and person were swept along with them. In the nineteenth century, people could do nothing but submit to this scheme for it was forced upon them by the last word of science. Hence, there was said to be a great wave of melancholy among the educated, who felt that human effort in the face of such a universe was void and ineffectual. In such a view, the question of purpose in life was meaningless, and the colours of everyday existence were quite drab.

Whether or not our lives are preordained is not a question that will be settled here. But we should take a close look at our posture in the event that it might be true. Why should it bring a great wave of melancholy? Why should life become meaningless, and why should the colours of everyday existence become quite drab?

Nothing changes. What we believe, or how we look at life, in no way alters or changes its true nature. Whether you believe in it had nothing to do with its effect on your life. The world would still turn, the sun still shine, the alarm clock still ring, and the affairs of the day still confront you.

People cling to concepts of life as though they were their last foothold before slipping into oblivion. By our traditions, we become rooted in certain beliefs and concepts, such as free will, or being masters of our fate. What if we were to find in the future that the determinists are right, that free will is but an illusion; that we are moved by forces beyond our control in every facet of life? Should that be cause for melancholy, or for drawing the curtains on a colourful existence? Not at all. It doesn’t matter what we think life is all about. The only thing that matters is that there is only one Truth, and that Truth is what we experience; what we see and feel each moment of our life.

As Mystics, we say we live in Truth. However, our concepts of that Truth change during the periods of our lives. We once believed the world was flat. Today we believe it is round. We once believed that man lived but once. We now believe he lives in progressing incarnations. We once believed in spontaneous creation. We now believe in evolution. And so, someday we may also say that we once believed in free will, but now we believe in cosmic determinism. And it won’t matter. The colour, the potential for happiness, the sense of freedom, the sense of purpose, will always be part of our human experience, as it is now.

What does matter is that with each new concept we come closer to the ultimate Truth. What does matter is that the closer we come to Truth, the more ennobled life on earth will be, and the closer we will be to living in perfect harmony with our cosmic source.

- Author Unknown